Wednesday, December 14, 2005

CBC SchmeeBC

"CBC-TV has postponed the broadcast of Prairie Giant: The Tommy Douglas Story, a two-part miniseries about the late politician, regarded as the father of Canadian medicare, until after the election.
CBC spokesperson Ruth-Ellen Soles says the decision to postpone the show was made by the CBC to ensure balance and fairness.
"Our goal in any of our election coverage is, of course, to be able to be as fair and balanced as we possibly can, and we work very hard at that. And we were concerned that there would be a perception of partisanship if it ran during the campaign,' she said."

Ok, so then how was it "fair and balanced" to pull that program and yet broadcast the following :

MEDICARE SCHMEDICARE Thursday December 8 at 9pm on CBC-TVrepeating Monday December 12 at 10pm ET/PT on CBC Newsworld

"Is one tier Medicare a myth? Have we been saluting its founder, the 'Greatest Canadian' Tommy Douglas as an emperor who really has no clothes? As the country heads toward an election in which our health care system promises to be an emotional issue, Medicare Schmedicare
takes the highly unorthodox stance that two tier health care is already here and thriving."

Both quotes above are from the naked-as-a-jaybird-and-flapping-in-the-breeze SchmeeBC website. Go kick some ass here. Or phone toll-free: 1-866-306-4636

UPDATE :John Doyle really kicks some ass in the Globe and Mail and reports that the rest of us have been too.


Scout said...

I'll be watching CCF anyways, it's a much better station.

waterbaby said...

Tell me you yell at the radio. My children think I'm certifiable! This is not public radio.
Try CITR or the SFU equivalent: CJSF (90.1FM) or Vancouver Co-op Radio (102.7FM)
Co-op has Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! at 6am Mon-Fri. CJSF has the same at 11:00am. Thursdays, CJSF has Fairness and Accuracy in Broadcasting just before Democracy Now at 10:30am.
Maybe we can get a Bowen community radio staion off the ground and in the air soon. Radio Free BONE

waterbaby said...

OK! You got me started. I went to the site and posted my comment. You can too!
E-mail address:

City, Province and Country:


Please help us direct your comments to the appropriate person:

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Your thoughts:
Let's just call this what it is: this is bullshit dressed up as homey cow pies. CBC is long past it's expiry date as a public broadcaster.
It's corporate media all the way.

E-mail address:

City, Province and Country:Bowen Island, BC Canada


Please help us direct your comments to the appropriate person:

Comment on an issue, news story or feature
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Your thoughts:

m said...

Go get 'em, girl.
Just two things :
The link to ShmeeBC ombudsman in your original post isn't working and your John Doyle link in your update doesn't go to the Glib & Mall.
Other than that ...

Alison said...

m: Hey, with any luck my original link was down because everyone had already read the G&M article and blown out the ombardsman's bandwidth. Anyhow - tacked it on the end again.
Trust me, the Doyle rant is exactly the same one as in the G&M but I linked to this site instead for people who don't want to have to go through the registration thing.
Of course I didn't even know about the G&M articles till today. It's tough being a Lois Lane if you don't listen to the radio or watch tv or read newspapers or talk to people and hardly ever go out of your yard.

WB: Homey cow pies? I think they already have an afternoon show called that.

Scout said...

The CRTC should have shut CBC down long ago for not fullfilling it's cultural mandate, let alone allowing the b.s. of today. Ah, but they're just another puppet body too.

Ya, when are we getting a co-op station here? Maybe in the spring when that person who was trying to start one before gets all better she'll be able to start again. think so?

Anonymous said...

It was Wendy Merkley and I hear she's out of the country for a bit but I would love us to have a co-op radio here. Rob and Ed, Ricky, some kind of council watch, debates on public policy, repeats of Amy Goodman with local commentary, local CDs. Hell - local advertising even.

Plebe said...

I talked with Merkley before she went and she says that anyone can start one, they don't have to wait for her. As long as it's cooperative and non-commercial she won't put in objections to the CRTC application.

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