Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Mulroney's innocence so far...

Prime Minister Mulroney sends a car to fetch arms lobbyist Schreiber to an official residence.

Schreiber promises Mulroney an unspecified amount of cash for unspecified work.

Mulroney has secret meetings with Screiber to pick up envelopes of cash in 1993 and 1994 while still an MP.
(At least Mulroney, if not Schreiber, knows the unspecified work is not for Schreiber's Bear Head project because Mulroney already cancelled that in 1990.)

Mulroney fails to declare the money on his income tax return at the time.

Mulroney's former solicitor-general drafts an apology letter for Schreiber to be sent in Schreiber's name to Mulroney. Letter states "Mulroney is the best advocate I could have retained" .

Mulroney and his spokesman Luc Lavoie make frequent use of letter as proof of Mulroney's innocence.

Schreiber alleges he sent the letter because he was told that if he provided the apology, Mulroney would get Harper to halt his extradition to Germany.

Schreiber claims Mulroney subsequently asked him to cover up their business arrangement

Schreiber is suing Mulroney for failing to provide promised business services, but testifies that Mulroney had nothing to do with Airbus contracts.

Luc Lavoie has resigned as Mulroney's spokesperson.

Well alrighty then.


RossK said...

perhaps it should be.....

ALL Righty then (and now).

Great, succinct post A.



Unknown said...

perhaps it should be get schrieber AND mulroney out of the country.

West End Bob said...

"Innocent until proven guilty", that is . . . .

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