Saturday, March 15, 2008

Globe and Mail deep integration poll 1

Right here, right now.
Apparently you have to give them a cookie or something, but I'm sure its worth it.
Are you listening Tom d'Aquino? The Canadian Council of Chief Executives? The North American Competitiveness Council? Harper? Anyone?
Update : 6pm PST and just shy of a total of 11,000 votes so far :
19% YES & 81% NO


West End Bob said...

Cookie Monster has been fed.

Currently 18% for, 82% against . . . .

Anonymous said...

Now at 12,000 votes, 19% yes, 81% no.

Pity they didn't have a "No fucking way" option.

RossK said...



I sent a query here asking why they haven't added Holly's option.


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