Thursday, June 19, 2008

Clowncar terrorism - Update #2

in the ongoing trial of the Toronto 18, now the Paintball 11 :
Crown turns on own witness
Police mole accused of lying about so-called terrorist training camp
"In a stunning turn of events, a Crown prosecutor yesterday accused his star witness in the Toronto 18 terror case of fabricating some of the evidence about a so-called terrorist training camp."

The prosecutor accused the RCMP mole/informant of lying to protect the accused, because since being paid off for his info he has changed his story a couple of times.

Damn. Does this mean Canada will have to give back our membership in the DHS war on terra?
Naw. The important thing is to make the bust so you can use it to ramp up the hugely profitable war on terra even more. In 2001, US planes dropped fliers all over Afghanistan offering a bounty to anyone who busted as al-Qaeda anyone who pissed them off, netting over 700 "terrorists" for Gitmo. So far only 6 of them have been charged so we're still way ahead of the fuck-up curve here.

Bit of a bummer for the Toronto Paintball 11 though, no?
After 750 days in jail to date, 3 of them have been in solitary for two years and 7 are refused bail.
Four teenagers, presumably the same ones who cowered in their tent when the leaders hid in the bushes and made wolf and bear noises, have been released.
Suggest next time the RCMP search for a more credible scenario - possibly involving terrorists who can make lion and tiger noises.


Lori said...

I have it on good authority (a drunk guy at a birthday party in Minneapolis, MN in 2005) that it is actually

tha Wah ahn terr.

Q said...

A year in Syria will get the truth out of that mole...then the trial can continue properly...

Alison said...

Tha wah ahn terr, it is then!

Q, I read somewhere that there may even be a third mole...

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