Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let the Games begin!

The official Olympic schedule so far :

"General Electric's entire board of directors, led by CEO Jeff Immelt, is making a long-planned trip to Vancouver for the first weekend of the games, after first stopping off in Alberta's oil sands to do some business.

Vancouver-based investment bank Canaccord Financial has at least one corporate hospitality suite booked for all the hockey games, as does Goldcorp Inc., which is hosting out-of town mining types and some employees from its global operations.

Teck Resources Ltd. plans a huge bash on the top floor of its ocean-side offices for the first Canadian athlete to win gold on home soil.

Bell Canada ... is feting clients with ... Vancouver singer Sarah McLachlan

Hudson's Bay Co. ... opened a retreat for the families of Olympic athletes the night before the Games, with a bash that drew Liberal Party Leader Michael Ignatieff "
More exciting Owelympic events to come ...

P.S. VANOC and the International Luge Federation pronounce death by steel girder of Georgian luger due to athlete error.
Despite their joint statement that there was "no indication that the accident was caused by deficiencies in the track", changes to the ice profile, higher walls, and a later start to slow down speeds have been implemented anyway because the show (see above) must go on.


Kim said...

Alison, I want to cry right now. It's only twelve days til my pension comes in, and I had to forego car insurance this month because I can't afford the fix to the heater core because hubby's meds cost $246.13 A MONTH.

Did you hear about the NAFTA deal that went through, (undebated)Friday? Or the high speed rail deal GC and Arnie signed the same day? Or that BC hired Ms. McDonald back the same day on a $45,000 contract to aquire land for the province? Or the plan to privatize the BC Ambulance Service announced, wait for it, Friday!

Anonymous said...

"Training days in Whistler have been crash-filled. A Romanian woman was knocked unconscious and at least four Americans—Chris Mazdzer on Wednesday, Megan Sweeney on Thursday and both Benshoof and Bengt Walden on Friday in the same training session where Zoeggeler wrecked—have had serious trouble just getting down the track.
At least 12 sliders have wrecked just this week on the daunting Whistler surface."

Something very wrong here.


Alison said...

Kim : Very sorry to hear of your troubles. Could you send me a note at The Beav?

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