Monday, April 05, 2010

Governor General Captain Kirk ?

Steve is trolling for someone new to prorogue parliament on demand.
He is apparently pissed at Governor General Michaƫlle Jean because the first time round she kept him hanging for a couple of hours over what he considered to be "a routine matter".

The Governor General William Shatner facebook page has over 2,000 members.

Somehow I'm not seeing it happening.


Anonymous said...

Why not?
This country has already become an absurd parody of itself.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Captain James T Kirk back in uniform, reviewing the troops, and giving his own special rhetorical flourishes to the throne speech.
Where do I sign up for this mysterious thing you earthlings call facebook?


RossK said...

But here's the thing....

If Mr. S. did take the job, who would he end up representing in earnest....

Price Club?


The Common People?


Anonymous said...

Lucy. in the Sky. with Diamonds.

RossK said...

Nice one anon-above.


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