Friday, July 16, 2010

Globe&Mail poll on the census

Updated poll

Globe & Mail online poll on the long-form census.

Participation in the above poll is of course voluntary, rather like democracy. If you or your government don't have accurate information or the means to obtain it, it doesn't work properly.

Personally I would have preferred a poll that asks :
"Are you in favor of StatsCan having the same info you freely offer up to Facebook and your insurance agent?"
"Do you think the long-form census should be scrapped in favour of an increase in the number of government ten percenters sent to each household?"
Update : And while we're at it, how come Warren Kinsella got "an exemption" from filling in the long-form census while Sandra Finley got charged under federal law with non-compliance?


Anonymous said...

It's 69% to 31% now with over 12,000 responses, more responses than Tony's voluntary census could ever hope for.


Anonymous said...

PS Maclean's reads Creekside


Anonymous said...

I think that more Canadians would be at ease with the census if the information was not handed over to Lockheed Martin "Canada" to do with as they please.

Perhaps Haliburton (sic) or Boeing or some other Pentagon pet might make it more comfortable to give every detail of your existence to a faceless mega-corp.

or not....

Alison said...

Anon : I thought that after the Lockheed Martin/Statscan "We never forget who we work for" brouhaha, StatsCan bought the software outright from LM. Or am I mistaken?

Unfortunately this may not help ,Sandra Finlay.

I support people choosing to opt out of the long-form census, as Warren Kinsella appears to have done without any repercussions; I do not support the outright scrapping of it.

Alison said...

ARghh. That should read : I do not support people choosing to opt out.

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