Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Feds mistake motor oil for heroin, jail granny for 12 days

There's just so much wrong with this news story about Canada Border Services Agency arresting and jailing a 66 year old woman for 12 days for trafficking, possessing and importing heroin because their swab-test of a jar of motor oil in her vehicle incorrectly identified it as heroin. Why wasn't she allowed a phone call? Why did it take 12 days to get a lab report? But the explanation from CBSA spokesy Lisa White is the weirdest :
"CBSA officers are trained to look for clues or multiple indicators before referring someone for secondary inspection. CBSA officers consider many factors, including previous infractions, countries visited, nervousness, etc., in assessing who or what might be a risk. When CBSA officers suspect a possible presence of narcotics, a field test will be conducted. These may include narcotic identification tests, spray tests and detector dogs."
OK, but as subsequent testing revealed no trace of heroin at all, what "clues" tipped you guys off?
That she had no prior record? That she was a retired Girl Scouts administrator on her way to a regular bingo game? 

Reading the many comments desperately attempting to absolve CBSA below the Winnipeg Free Press article - that it was her own fault for having an unmarked jar of motor oil in her vehicle, that perhaps her son-in-law had heroin on his hands when he gave her the jar of motor oil that subsequently tested for no heroin, that heroin does look like motor oil after all, that maybe she was a mule doing a test run, that the CBSA are just doing their job - you realize the extent to which the terr'rists really did win and that this is how we wound up with Steve.


thwap said...

Maybe all those silly comments are from CBSA personnel. Probably not. There are a lot of craven cowards expecting "big daddy" to protect them.

(That's bad enough. That those fools imagine soft-stevie and his keystone kops can protect them!)

Regardless, it's getting ominous. You can get tasered to death if you lose your control in an airport. You can sit in a jail for 12 days if some doofus mistakes your motor-oil for heroin ....

Beijing York said...

I heard interviews with this woman and her lawyer. They are definitely going to file a lawsuit. Rightfully so. This hyped up law & order attitude is out of control.

susansmith said...

And not letting her call lawyer - a right under Canadian law is the worse part!

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