Wednesday, November 23, 2011

G20 investigation: RCMP spies vs conspiracy group

The JIG is up
An RCMP 'joint intelligence group' - comprised of federal, provincial and municipal police - infiltrated activist groups prior to the G20 and Vancouver Olympics in what they call "one of the largest domestic intelligence operations in Canadian history".

Constable Bindo Showan of the Ontario Provincial Police, one of the two principal undercover Ontario spies, is a stunning example of their intelligence at work.
Earlier this fall, Showan told the court about how he attended a meeting prior to the Toronto summit. There, a protest-planning group that included several of the 17 main G20 defendants was discussing whether to lend their support to a First Nations rally.
Adam Lewis, one of the 17 accused conspirators in the G20 case, interjected, “Kill whitey!”   The group chuckled. Lewis, like all but one of his co-accused, is white.
When a Crown lawyer asked the officer what he thought Lewis meant, Showan said in complete seriousness, to "kill white people." 
Apparently we do not have the right not to be spied and reported on by morons or covert operatives pretending to be morons.

This 2009 RCMP 'joint intelligence group' statement defines their mission :
"The 2010 G8 summit in Huntsville ... will likely be subject to actions taken by criminal extremists motivated by a variety of radical ideologies. These ideologies may include variants of anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism, nihilism, socialism and/or communism. These ideologies may also include notions of racial supremacy and white power ... 
"The important commonality is that these ideologies ... place these individuals and/or organizations at odds with the status quo and the current distribution of power in society. 
In addition to these generally held tenets, a variety of grievances exist: These grievances are based upon notions/expectations regarding the environment, animal rights, First nations' resource-based grievances, gender/racial equality, and distribution of wealth etc."
And it is apparently still in operation :
RCMP records suggest that the reconnaissance continues. Report logs indicate at least 29 incidents of police surveillance between the end of the G20 summit and April 2011 — more than nine months after world leaders departed Toronto.
The same document indicates that the RCMP-led intelligence team made a series of presentations to private-sector corporations, including one to "energy sector stakeholders" in November 2011.
Good to know.

After millions of dollars and 70,000 pages of Crown evidence, conspiracy charges have been dropped against the 17 activists held in jail or under house arrest for the last 18 months, but 6 of them will serve jail time for counselling mischief, with an additional charge of counselling to obstruct police leveraged against Alex Hundert and Mandy Hiscocks

Toronto Star : Behind the G20 plea deal 

A Message from the So-Called "G-20 Main Conspiracy Group" below. 
Their written statement regarding the charges can be read here


Anonymous said...

Energy sector stakeholders? I can't think of ANYTHING that the RCMP would have to say to energy sector stakeholders that has the least thing to do with the G20.

But they obviously have something. Scary.

Anonymous said...

How many times have police been caught, inciting riots by sneaking into the protests groups and starting fights. The police were ordered by Harper, to maim, break bones and beat people. What in the hell were police doing? They sunk so low, they thieved a mans prosthetic leg, and dragged him to their temporary Gulag.

We all know of the person, who actually did get a severe beating and had his clavicle fractured. The police behaved as, the Brown Shirts did in Germany.

Harper was a Reformer and founded the Northern Foundation party. The skinheads helped Harper organize the party. This was back in 1989.Harper is the worst, disgusting, and the most evil P.M. in Canadian history.

Beijing York said...

I wonder how many members of the Northern Foundation party can be found in the RCMP and other police forces?

Things are going to only get worse. There's a new move to coordinate all RCMP messaging with plans and goals of the Harper Government's Public Safety Department.

Anonymous said...

It's not like the RCMP and "energy sector stakeholders" have never colluded to shut down resistance before.


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