Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Parliamentary cakewalk

"I'll see your liar, liar, pants-on-fire," the Honorable Minister Peter MacKay told the House of Commons yesterday, "and raise you an easy peasy lemon squeezy."

"Neener, neener," added Steve.


Danneau said...

Isn't it just frightening what these louts get away with, and are still called Honourable? When was the last time a tory gave a straight answer to a question? As fiscally responsible governors, how is it that there are so few publications of the costs of their legislative output? Why is it that even those misdeeds cited by the auditors seem to be beyond redress? How is it that so much of what becomes law is not subject to the scrutiny of parliament, as feeble an organization as it is? But we know all of this... it's just sad to contemplate how low a standard of integrity and intelligence we've achieved.

Anonymous said...

The Cons are running circles around corrupt majorities, even the Lieberals. I notice the Snail has closed of commenting since the article on Van Loan's argument (rumours are okay to build on) went totally viral and received 1500 comments from outraged Canadians. We have no effective opposition and the media is not keeping us informed. I'm feeling a bubbling up of anger towards the Cons, but the lid is kept tamped down.

Beijing York said...

OMG Alison, what a brilliant photo. The strutting Leo DiCaprio meme is so perfect.

thwap said...

As soon as their majority is gone they're going to prison.

This country needs to take its head out of its ass though. Big time.

Anonymous said...

One problem is a large number of Canadians don't pay any particular attention to federal politics. When the news does a poor job of analysis and digging for facts, all that's left is press releases. When people are faced with deciding whether the press release from "Their Team" is bunk, or the one from the other guys is, they're going to go with what's most comfortable. Especially when "their team" also hires more expensive and sophisticated spin operatives and isn't concerned about having a poor relationship with the truth.

Carmichael said...

thwap, what if what you're seeing is, in fact, the real country.

What if Canada is just largely made up of people who are so apathetic, so unthinking, so wilfully and vigorously blind to their surroundings that what they believe at any given time is whatever they are told by the government of the day?

Thus we get Canadians formerly believing themselves to be a tolerant, peaceful, justice loving people during the years when that's the line the government pushed at them and now we have Canadians believing themselves to be a judgmental, warrior people always on the lookout for a battle to fight in a part of the world very few can find on a map.

What if everything we've believed most of our lives about Canada and Canadians has been a tale told by an idiot, to an idiot, for an idiot.

What then?

thwap said...


I don't think we're as lovely as we're told we are.

But I don't think that we're as debased a people as the harpercons want us to be either.

Most of the harpercons' grassroots support comes from morons and we're never going to eliminate morons.

But we've lost whatever we had as a people to prevent these morons from dominating us and most of us ARE too apathetic to care.

Anonymous said...

So, what do you do?

Our P.M. Harper and his Conservatives, do not have to follow Harper's tough on crime measures. They are permitted by Harper, to thieve our tax dollars at their will.

It's not that the people are apathetic. We are pretty much living, in a fascist regime. Remember what Harper said? I am the government. I am the law. I make the rules. So he pardons his thieving Conservative ministers.

The media is a propaganda machine for the government. The judicial system and judges are controlled. The police are puppets on a string. Canada has become a cesspool of corruption, because of Harper.

One country's media said, how badly Harper is destroying Democracy in Canada. They say, Canadians Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us.

Read: Harper and the Northern Foundation party.

Also read: Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations. This was Sept. 25/2007.

Look at: Harper gives a speech on, Global Governance for Canada.

Try the web site of, nauresistance.org.

Another site: Press for the truth.

Carmichael said...

"But we've lost whatever we had as a people to prevent these morons from dominating us and most of us ARE too apathetic to care."

Agreed except that I'm not sure we ever had a preventative as much as we were extraordinarily lucky.

Even when we had governments I didn't care for, ie Mulroney, I never once doubted that they were doing what they were doing out of a sincere desire to make Canada a better, more prosperous country. Even the Free Trade Agreement I don't think was enacted with malice.

I don't believe the Harperites do what they do out of a concern for the well being of Canada. They do what they do out of a wish to destroy their enemies who they believe are pretty much everyone not in the room with them at the time. That's a lot of enemies. Believing one has lots of enemies is one of the prerequisites for going on an authoritarian tear.

It's very depressing.

I'm 63. For the first time in my life I'm ashamed to be a Canadian.

Carmichael said...

Anonymous: you might think you're passing on information that maybe no one here has ever encountered before. Good for you. Really. I don't intend to be snarky here.

Except here's what you don't know and really ought to get in the habit of finding out prior to posting lots of links or suggestions of sites.

Everyone here has been blogging, linking, posting, ranting, advising, seeking, finding and getting drunk in desperation and fear for over a decade. If we haven't read it, it's because it hasn't been posted yet - and in some cases it's because we haven't written it yet.


Alison said...

For the first time in my life I'm ashamed to be a Canadian.

Carmichael : We've been lucky and smug because until recently most of us had no idea about Canada being the Liberia of the extraction industry abroad or our complicity in torture or our R2P catspaw colonialism or the causes of conditions on our reserves etc etc.

The Cons won 40% of the 60% of eligible voters who actually voted, giving them a majority with only 24% of the vote, a win considerably enabled by a media endorsement of 98% and a low turnout because a lot of people think voting and politics is just rubbish.

It isn't a whole different Canada - it's just the same Canada whose crap electoral FPtP system finally collided with our complacency - a complacency that as Thwap points out is mistakenly based on having a somewhat rosier picture of ourselves than we have any right to so we're still catching up.

Hopefully we are catching up.

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