Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Baird enters the Iran got nukes! office pool

Baird says Iran could build nuclear bomb within months screams the CBC headline over Evan Solomon interviewing John Baird under a giant picture of visiting Israel PM Shimon Peres.

Fans of the Iran got nukes! cry wolf sweepstakes will recall both Peres and Netanyahu predicted in 1992 that Iran would have nuclear warheads by 1999, 1992 also being the year a former Mossad official advised "Iran has to be identified as Enemy No.1"

"Remember," said former IDF Chief of Strategic Planning Shlomo Brom in 2004 (page 167):
"the Iranians are always five to seven years from the bomb. Time passes but they’re always five to seven years from the bomb."
Juan Cole lists his top four Iran got nukes! predictions in the 90's from a longer list at Christian Science Monitor, which notes that the alarums predate the 1979 Islamic revolution to a time when the US, Germany and France were selling 20 nuclear reactors to Iran.
Wide Asleep in America has a more extensive list beginning in 1984.
Boris : "Baird also won't talk about why Iran might want to develop a threshold capacity for nuclear weapons for regional strategic reasons."
Let's go to the map, shall we?


Frank Bedek said...
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thwap said...

Blair is an ass.

kootcoot said...

thwap, I agree, Blair the recently converted rosary feeler is an ass, but didn't you mean Bayered (John "frothing at the mouth" Baird)?

Anonymous said...

Well, the giant oil and gas corporations, want a war going on at all times. As we all know, they thrive on wars. If there is no war, then a reason must be found to start one. Such as WMD in Iraq.

Harper was itching to bomb Iran a while back. However, China and Russia said, it would be a mistake to bomb Iran. Depends if Harper dares to cross China and Russia. China wants our dirt cheap oil, and Harper wants to sell it to them. Harper buys oil high and sells our oil cheap, cheap and cheap. Russia has also bought into the dirty tar sands. Our oil is a money maker for other country's. They buy it, refine it and make a pile of money, reselling it.

West End Bob said...

As I suggested to you last evening, Alison, obviously, baird is an ass (and other choice adjectives) . . . .

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