Sunday, March 17, 2013

Penashue's political dodgeball

I thought Con MP Pierre Poilievre held the dodgeball record for giving the same identical non-answer seven times to seven different questions put to him by a single reporter in November 2012, but three months earlier now-former Labrador Con MP and cabinet minister Peter Penashue had already swallowed the ballgag whole at eight identical non-answers to eight different questions from a reporter about his election spending violations. Eight "working closely with Elections Canada"s in just over 2 minutes.

If this government were any more transparent, they'd be completely invisible but for the scandals.

h/t Diamondwalker at Pogge's for Penashue vid.

Monday Update : Kady reports Penashue has already hit the campaign trail for his election do-over even though the byelection hasn't been called yet. Well that's handy - until it is officially called, Penashue's pre-writ electioneering won't count as a campaign expense. Also noted by Kady, Penashue's re-election website went up 4 days before he resigned.

This could be the start of a whole new election strategy for the Cons - spend whatever you like in an election, accept corporate donations and change the paperwork later, whatever. Then when you get caught, resign and begin again outside the spending limits time period, secure in the knowledge the Con Party will repay your illegal debts.


Anonymous said...

It's the Con's new in-and-out scam - illegally take corporate money and overspend your election budget and the Conservative Party will refund them after you are elected.

West End Bob said...

Bbbbuuutttttt I'm still confused, Alison:

Have they or have they not made a submission to Elections Canada?!?

He's not very transparent on that . . . .

thwap said...

"A strong voice for the people of Labrador."

... harpercon party of Canada

Boris said...

Alison! Your visuals! Now I'm going to have bleach my brain of Penashue choking on a ballgag and I'm terrified about what my mind might conjure if I zoom out.

Alison said...

Keeping your brain bleached, Boris - it's what I do. ;-)

Bob : Also "working hard with Elections Canada" Did he mention that at all? ;b

Watching this I felt embarrassed for Penashue - by all accounts a decent enough guy - having to perform like that but Steve is a demanding master.

Saskboy said...

I'll never be able to hear the words "working closely" without snorting, again.

Anonymous said...

secure in the knowledge the Con Party will repay your illegal debts
So in actual fact we are paying off Penashue's illegal debts.

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