Monday, July 15, 2013

Pierre Poilievre, Minister for Democratic Reform

Who really thinks Skippy's appointment to Democratic Reform is about democratic reform? Ha!

Poilievre's appointment is about a coming battle over election reform and robocalls. It's been sixteen months since the Cons promised to bring in a bill addressing Mayrand's proposed reforms to prevent a repeat of last election's robocon fiasco.  The Cons have yet to consult Mayrand on it and he's been making public noises about their obstruction of his election fraud investigation as well.
Meanwhile the 2014 spring deadline past which reforms can't be implemented in time for the next election approaches...

Skippy's new job will be to attack Mayrand.
Thursday July8th Update :
 Glen McGregor : Poilievre brings robocalls expertise to new job

2014 Update : You have to admit I called it.


West End Bob said...

'f'n EXCELLENT, Alison! Thanx for putting together what the Corporate Media wouldn't dare touch!

When I saw that little vermin scurry across the room on the TeeVee tonight accepting his promotion it about made me barf . . . .

Lorne said...

As the saying goes, and is abundantly exemplified in the twerp's promotion, "Loyalty has its rewards."

Anonymous said...

Alison, pls. don't let Kellie Leitch 4 the Status of Women go by. A physician who threw ethics aside, broke her oath and supported the Asbestos Industry. She'll be a good boy in Harper's long running Orwell play.

Nadine Lumley said...

Pierre Poilievre owned a robocall company called 3D Contact Inc and was dating Jenni Bryne who controlled CIMS database during last election.

"When Poilievre was running for election in 2004, he stated that he was co-owner of a political research company called 3D Contact Inc. According to the company profile, these 'contacts' were Stephen Harper, Ted Morton and Stockwell Day. His partner was Jonathan Denis, who later became Minister of Housing in the Alberta government."

Micheal Sona, Director of Communications, was roomates with Chris Crawford, the person responsible for managing CIMS Database/List at the time.

"Rougier was key member of the target seat team, working directly under campaign manager Jenni Byrne" His phone used to call Rack9

Alison said...

Yeah, Nadine, you relentless smartie, you. But did you know the Rob Ford Campaign, aka part 2 of Steve's Ford BBQ trifecta hat trick wishlist, also used 3D Contact? huh? huh? didya? huh?

Anon : Working on Leitch - later! -but a lot has gone offline.
BTW, if anyone can find me the now disappeared November 2012 Global vid of Skippy answering reporter Silvaggio's seven separate questions with exactly the same irrelevant talking point about jobs jobs jobs, I'd be most grateful. The segment was called "Political Dodgeball".

Lorne : Loyalty has its rewards and the Backbenchers' Spring crowd won't be getting any.

Bob : Apparently Althea Raj from HuffPo was on CBC's At Issue panel last night and made the same point about Skippy's new job being to go after Mayrand, but I'm guessing you were referring to the official swearing in. I'll bet that was ghastly.

Anonymous said...

He has his hands in many pockets, and he's had the video pulled everywhere.

From - November 20, 2012 9:14 PM
Political dodgeball: November 16...

Went to Tory MP school with the Ethical Oil spokesperson...

Alison said...

Thanks for giving it a shot, Anon.
Yes, your link is where it used to be and I linked to it there from Creekside once, but now it's gone including the all comments.

Anonymous said... I vainly posted a comment there as the waterbaby but with charliethebolshierat's email. Do check in on him if you can.
I don't much mind rats but he really prefers to undermine his own fingernails.

Holly Stick said...

Skippy apparently loads videos of himself onto youtube; it might be a way to control them.

For example this one:

Alison said...

"selectively loads videos" ;-)

Holly Stick said...

While wandering along the internet, I ran across this interesting little story from 2007:

"An Ottawa MP is drawing fire for offering teenagers a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship if they write an essay — and collect 25 signatures on a petition to raise the age of sexual consent from 14 to 16..."

He didn't see anything wrong with that, either.

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