Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stop Harper - pass it on.



double nickel said...

Wonder why they didn't include a Facebook link?

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this.

cocoabean said...

It's not only "Harper"; it's the neocon foreign policy. The neoliberal economics. The 'financial repression'. The Wras and military adventurism. The authoritarian big government control freakery. The belief in "terrorism". The military-worship. The fundamentalist religion. The continued social welfare spending. The toadying to Obama and his fellow US neocon hegemonists. The coddling of big oil and the resource giveaways.

How will replacing that detestable bunch with the NDP be much different?

It's national big government itself. It's the system.

Starve the beast financially. Refuse to consume. Small is beautiful! Localize. Network. Refuse to chase wages. Save, if you can, in gold. Refuse to start businesses. Refuse to pay high "minimum wages". Refuse to generate economic growth or pay taxes. Take advantage of every state handout you can. Bankrupt them. Live locally and close to home. And, most of all, get out of debt and refuse to borrow.

And you think your beloved NDP (or Liberals or Greens) would be much different????

Anonymous said...


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