Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tony Clement : Under New Management

G&M  Aug. 26 2015 : Harper assured details of Saudi arms deal would stay under wraps
"Ottawa is contractually obliged to keep secret the details of a controversial $15-billion arms sale to Saudi Arabia – a transaction that Stephen Harper personally assured the country’s monarch will be guaranteed by the Canadian government, documents say."
G&M Jan.11, 2016 : Tories press Liberal government to justify Saudi arms deal
"The Liberal government is facing increasing pressure to make public the most important deliberations on Canada’s $15-billion sale of combat vehicles to Saudi Arabia: precisely how the transaction is justified under this country’s strict weapons export control regime.
 Mr. [Tony] Clement acknowledges that the Conservatives are asking for information they refused to release while in office under Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
But he says the new leadership of the Conservative Party feels differently."

Dear Tony
Congratulations on "feeling differently". We eagerly look forward to the new management pressing for details of other secrets withheld by the former management. 
Here's a partial list to get you started : Stephen Harper, Serial Abuser of Power


Sub-Boreal said...

Shooting fish in a barrel, Alison.

I recall that when Clements was point-man on the abolition of the long-form census, a commentator (can't remember who) designated him as "Minister of the Indefensible".

West End Bob said...

Very nice letter to Mr. clement, M'Lady.

Please let us know what his response is . . . .


Anonymous said...

Heard this A-Hole on As it Happened last night trying to defend against the hypocrisy of being such a dickhead for wanting the Liberals to do what the Cons wouldn't.
Makes one wonder what kind of idiots voted this wanker in.


West End Bob said...

Soooooo . . . . I watched CBC's noon-hour broadcast and they had a quote from Herr tony "speaking on behalf of the Conservative Caucus," re: The Canadian allegedly killed in the ISIS-claimed bombing in Jakarta.

Where's rona? Shouldn't she be "speaking on behalf of the Conservative Caucus" ? ? ? ?

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