Thursday, December 01, 2016

To the BC KM17, Your Next Career

... from Kim , who used to blog at sistersagesmusings ....
BC 17, Your Next Career
Dear BC(LIB) MPs;
Your photogenic leader has just tanked your career as a politician in BC. I hope you feel ashamed and embarrassed. If that is the case, I would suggest that you strongly consider crossing the floor or resigning your post, because, clearly, you have no mandate in your constituencies. You all know how we feel about our coast. You all know how important this ocean is to our economy. You all swept into office on promises of a new Nation to Nation relationship, how you basked in the glow of "Governments give approval, but only communities give permission". How you embraced UNDRIP and the Paris Accord. Unless you part ways with your Party leadership on this, you are liars and cheats and not fit for representing your constituents in Ottawa. You all know that there is no world class oil spill response, ask the Heiltsuk Nation in Bella Bella. How the Oil cleanup company is owned by the Oil Titans. How the coast guard comms system has failed many times since Harper closed the network. I would suggest that you people start reflecting deeply on these issues, and the fact that you have just allowed massive protests to endanger our people.
I just sent this to the 17 Liberal MPs in BC.; 604-717-1144, 613-992-1416; 604-775-5323, 613-995-7052; 604-575-6595 , 613-992-0884; 604-718-8870, 613-992-0802; 604-598-2200, 613-992-0666; 604-666-0135, 613-992-3213; 250-470-5075, 613-992-7006; 604-913-2660, 613-947-4617; 604-501-5900, 613-996-2205; 604-927-1080, 613-992-9650; 604-664-9220, 613-992-2430; 604-257-2900, 613-992-1385; 778-593-4007, 613-992-2957; 604-466-2761, 613-947-4613; 604-589-2441, 613-992-2922; 604-814-5710, 613-992-1248; 604-775-6333, 613-995-1225  


Kim said...

Thanks for sharing Alison.

West End Bob said...

Thanx, M'Lady!

I dropped a printed version of my disapproval to MP Hedy Fry's office last evening.

We have to express our disgust about this travesty/betrayal by the "libs" lest they think they can get away with it . . . .

Boris said...

I think the Liberals see this as a clever compromise decision balancing regulatory approval, provincial interests and constitutional powers around resource development, offset by their carbon tax plan.

However, there's simply no compromise on climate now and this shows just how badly our institutions fail when it comes to climate change, let alone mere spill risks.

Let them choke on the protests.

Kim said...

Boris, I think you are right. Problem is their clever balance looks more like cynical politics and lies from here on the coast. We feel betrayed and discarded by Ottawa.

This won't end well for anyone.

Purple library guy said...

Oh, I reckon there's world class spill cleanup. It's just that whenever anyone mentions "world class" spill cleanup, the default reaction should be "You're kidding. That bad?!"
The record of the world on oil spill cleanups ranges from "improved the situation insignificantly" all the way to "actively made things worse" (in, say, the Gulf of Mexico). I mean, British Petroleum, right? Can't get much more "world class" than that, and their response to a major spill was to take forever to stop the leak and to spread the goop wider so it'd be less visible, by using poison to disperse it. So yeah, with luck maybe our spill response would be as "world class" as BP gave the Americans.

Kim said...

PLG, exactly. , Diluent, disbersement, bitumen coating everything, toxic fumes in a valley prone to stagnation, flesh eating bacteria, no whales, salmon herring, crab, mussels, clams. 48 hour response times for CCG and whatever shell corporation they set up to profit off the spoils of our economy.

World class all right.

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