Saturday, May 24, 2008

The biggest bestest Surveillance Games evah!

NattyPost : "Canadian security agencies are planning to use planes, tanks, ships and thousands of military and police personnel to secure the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games and will consider their job a success if the public hardly notices their presence.
"It must be understood that the V2010 Games are a sporting event, not a security one," wrote Chief of Defence Staff General Rick Hillier
Military planners say it will be the largest security operation in Canadian history and, if they do it right, Canadians will hardly notice."
Meanwhile CSIS is keeping its ever watchful eye on Olympic protesters. A March 2007 document entitled CSIS Threat Assessment names the Native Youth Movement and "a Vancouver-based special interest group comprised of members of the groups No One is Illegal, the Anti-Poverty Coalition, and the Downtown Eastside Residents Association" as being of particular concern.
Why, no, this isn't the picture that accompanied the original NP article. Why do you ask?


West End Bob said...

Oh boy!

I feel so much safer now knowing we will be under the watchful eye of petie mackay . . . .

RossK said...

Will they be carrying tasers disguised as rocks?


Anonymous said...

as i drove over the lion's gate bridge today there was a motorcade of police bikes and cars, with their lights flashing (no sirens). i turned on the radio but there was no news of anything.

then what came to mind was, 'oh, they're practising for 2010'.

csis doesn't have bowen island on their threat list? come on, we have a clown who likes to assert his rights to get on the ferry....sheesh....what are we, chopped quivers?

Alison said...

Sadly, honey, it was more likely a jumper - they don't report them.

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