Monday, January 26, 2009

Dear Canadian Media : Last call for slagging the coalition

... before parliament returns from its 53 day hiatus - after sitting for only 12 days following Steve's October surprise election - due to what the NYTimes headline referred to as :
"Canadian leader shuts Parliament in bid to keep power"
How's that coalition slagging going, by the way? Just the last couple of days worth :
Oh, sorry, scratch that last one. Wrong coalition - that one's from our coalition with the US in Afghanistan
First prize, for the best gratuitous reference to Obama in the cause of slagging the coalition, goes to Don Martin in NaPo :
"President Barack Obama is right. It's time to set aside childish things.
Specifically for Canada, that means an end to that coalition..."
NaPo also snags second prize for "The opposition does not care about Canada" , a compendium of reader's comments - half of which blame the media for promoting the coaliton!
And so it goes ...
With thanks to April Reign for the coalition logo


Anonymous said...

Looking good, Alison!

skdadl said...

That quote from Don Martin -- ROTFL. Man -- people get paid for that?

But may I ask: Parliament? What is this thing you call Parliament? I think I have a vague memory, maybe from last June, but I'm having trouble remembering much of them at all.

Oemissions said...


the regina mom said...

Steve's proroguey time has ended. Now, let's see how far Iggy bends over...

Love the spacious look, Alison!

Alison said...

Thanks! It was either this or a haircut. I never shifted over from old blogger and eventually the broken links and missing comments were just too annoying.

Very much doubt the coalition is go this time but the idea will gradually gain ground with people over time as the only way to have a functioning democratic government.

thwap said...

I would ignore the airheads who see the coalition as undemocratic and just do it.

Let 'em seethe. We've seen from 25 years of neo-liberalism that bitching and moaning is as far as most Canadians will ever go.

Anonymous said...

Iceland President asks leftist leader to lead coalition government of greens and social democrats following country's economic meltdown.


Alison said...

Tuttle : She will also be the first openly gay prime minister in the world.

skdadl said...

Hey, Alison: hurry back to the globalization thread at BnR with that news, or I will continue to cannibalize this post. *wink*

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