Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Iggy prepares to "swallow hard"

Congratulations, Libs. Tomorrow will mark the 45th time in a row that you have sat on your hands in Parliament because you can't afford to fight an election because no one gives money to fight elections to parties that sit on their hands in Parliament.

Iggy - PM if necessary but not necessarily PM - did go all medieval schoolmarmy on they Con ass, demanding regular quarterly progress reports on how the budget plan he had just finished lambasting was progressing.

G&M :
"We're putting this government on probation," Mr. Ignatieff said.
By 4 p.m., the government, relieved that the conditions did not require more substantive concessions, accepted the amendment, saying that providing updates to Parliament and facing votes wasn't really a new burden.
"This is nothing new. … We always report back to Parliament," Government House Leader Jay Hill said.
"The amendment just states the obvious, so we're very pleased to comply with it as we move forward."

Shorter Jay Hill : Swallow harder, bitch.


Anonymous said...

"We are no longer the Count Who Says Nee!"

We are now the Count who says, "eccky, eccky, ecky, fitang, fitang, ffeitangi!"


Anonymous said...

Ffeitangi - not a leader.
Dion is positively inspiring by comparison.

Q said...

Iggy's not feeling shovel-ready today...more disheveled.

West End Bob said...

It appears the only possible coalition government Canada will ever have an opportunity to experience is a lib/con coalition.

Progressive/left-leaning pols will surely not ever again attempt to include the libs. Ignatieff is shovel-ready after all: He's done a damn good job of burying the lib/NDP/Bloq coalition . . . .

Anonymous said...

Yeah. The behavior of the Liberals is insane. The only thing I can think of is that they aren't willing to implement policies that would help with the situation, so they want to avoid power and let the conservatives take all the credit for the bad policies which they would be implementing if they were in power.

Alison said...

"Iggy's not feeling shovel-ready today..."
I laughed every time I remembered this today, Q, so I stuck it up at the Beav so more people can enjoy it.

GroovyJ : Tommy D's different coloured cats, all flying business class together. Lib bloggers like Steve V at Far and Wide actually did promote your scenario, although without admitting that Lib economic policies would be indistinguishable from those of the Cons.

Jan : Liberal shrubbery!

Bob : I hold out some hope for people learning to accept the idea of future coalitions, due to that Mexican opposition MP who told us last year that it took them 20 years to cobble one together down there. In the meantime we fight for Prop Rep...

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