Thursday, October 01, 2009

Dear CBC : The answer is No

CBC headlines fret about whether Canada will "end its presence in Kandahar as of July, 2011" as agreed by parliament in March 2008 :

Troops may stay in Afghanistan, MacKay hints

Tories asked to clarify combat status of troops

Yo, CBC! I repeat :
Stephen Harper at the White House, Sept 16, 2009 :
"Canada is not leaving Afghanistan; Canada will be transitioning from a predominantly military mission to a mission that will be a civilian humanitarian development mission after 2011. That transition is already in place."

Wiggle room helpfully provided by Jack Granatstein, Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute :
".. the government likely believes those Canadian trainers and the troops who provide security for development are exempt from the motion."

Is the TAPI oil pipeline from Turkmenistan to India built yet? No? Well there ya go.


Zee said...

Best before or expiry dates for the Afghan mission or commitment are reassuring for the consumer. As it is thought that there is an end to it coming soon there is less complaining. When nearing the time for withdrawal a new product must be purchased and it will have a new expiry date with features convincing enough for sufficient customer satisfaction and the feeling that wise customer choice has prevailed. If the white man was not killing the wog in Afghanistan it would be somewhere else. They used to be racists but have other excuses for their behavior now.

West End Bob said...

Is the TAPI oil pipeline from Turkmenistan to India built yet?

And therein lies the answer . . . .

Alison said...

I'm putting CBC's cluelessness here down to its new content sharing deal with the National Post.

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