Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flash mob in the House for Bill C-311

" I say '311', you say 'Sign it, sign it' " ...repeat...

A flash mob of 200 young environmental protesters disrupted question period in the House for a whole four minutes yesterday by standing up one by one in the public gallery and chanting slogans in support of Bill 311, the Climate Change Accountability Act, before being dragged off by security.

A whole four minutes.
Naturally, many commenters under the various news stories covering the demonstration call for these "hooligans" to be tasered or used for target practice by the army or sent to Iran - presumably for defiling the model of decorum and respectful civility that is the hallmark of QP, but mostly for refusing to ask permission to stand outside in the rain holding placards that are completely ignored by the press. Certainly Bill C-311 was.
Good on the protesters.
For genuinely bad behavior on C-311, see here.


Anonymous said...

I was so proud of those kids.
CBC link says nothing like it has happened in decades. Isn't that sad?
Macleans' big exposé is of one of them being an NDP youth delegate.
Well, duh. Not likely to be Lib or Reform , is he?


West End Bob said...

Let's hope the kids showed the "adults" how to actually accomplish something constructive . . . .

Unknown said...

Lets keep the pressure on for Bill C-311. Join the facebook group "Starving for Change - c311 - the climate change accountability act". Watch the youtube video:


Lets make history.

Alison said...

Starving For Change

Good luck to you,

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