Friday, March 05, 2010

Rights and Democracy : "Canada's credibility is at stake"

The International Federation for Human Rights has denounced the Cons "political interference" at Rights & Democracy :

G&M :

"The federation, an umbrella group of 155 human rights organizations operating in more than 100 countries, also slammed the government's choice of Gérard Latulippe as the troubled agency's new president.

It said Mr. Latulippe “does not have the moral authority to lead an organization like Rights & Democracy” given his past statements about the potential for Muslim immigrants to breed homegrown terrorism, his support for capital punishment and his opposition to same-sex marriage."

Naturally this will not cut any ice with Steve or Lawrence Cannon who appointed Latulippe, because the International Federation for Human Rights is on the NGO Monitor's shitlist, NGO Monitor being the Israeli think tank that appears to be currently determining Canada's foreign policy decisions in the Mid East.

NGO Monitor does not care for the federation's use of the terms "occupied Palestinian territories" or "crimes against humanity" when describing Israeli military or government actions, despite the IFHR's accompanying condemnation of the roles played by Syria and Iran.

NGO Monitor probably also doesn't like the fact that B'telem and Al Haq, the two NGOs at the centre of the Cons recent sacking of R&D and the bêtes noires of the organization’s newly-stacked pro-Israel board majority, are distinguished and valued members of IFHR.

"Canada's credibility is at stake," the federation said in a news release, citing support for B'telem and Al Haq and calling for an independent investigation.

Note to Steve : World stage! World stage!


thwap said...

harper is a disgrace. an arrogant, deluded, stupid prick.

croghan27 said...

But thwap .... he has such nice sweaters, and cute kittehs.

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