Friday, October 29, 2010

Dennis Edney

Omar Khadr's Lawyer Dennis Edney Speech at FNC from Ezra Winton on Vimeo.

via Art Threat

"Be your own leader"


Boris said...

Thanks for that Alison.


Anonymous said...

Chris Selley :
"most people realize he may well be — as the Sun puts it — “a bred-in-the-bone jihadist from a tried-and-true jihadist family who will remain a bred-in-the-bone jihadist no matter how much ‘deradicalization’ therapy is heaped upon his jihadist psyche.” They just understand that doesn’t negate our obligations to him as a citizen and a child soldier.
It’s one thing to loathe the guy, but to allow it to actually work against our best security interests is nuts."

Just trying to stave off in advance the flack you're going to get for posting this.


Beijing York said...

That was powerful.

I would not only vote for Dennis Edney as PM but I would walk from one end of the city to another in the coldest day of a Winnipeg February to pass out pamphlets and post signs.

The cowards who are our leaders, both here and in the US, have no decency.

double nickel said...

@Beijing +1

900ft Jesus said...

It always makes me so sad to see how people like Edney, with all their reason, compassion, and care for others have to fight tirelessly to accomplish even a little good while the lying. bully sociopaths just stomp on the truth and on rights and grab power.

Sad that the very humanity in those who do good is used against them, presented as a flaw or weakness by the abusive bastards, and so very sad so many people fail to see this.

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