Saturday, October 16, 2010

Officer Bubbles irony alert

G&M : 'Officer Bubbles' launches suit against Youtube

"A Toronto police officer whose stiff upper lip made him an inadvertent YouTube sensation and a symbol of police heavy-handedness at the G20 protests has launched a $1.2-million defamation lawsuit against the website.
Constable Adam Josephs was nicknamed “Officer Bubbles” after a video surfaced of him online admonishing a young protester during the summit for blowing bubbles."

Officer Bubbles' lawyer : "The reason we brought the lawsuit is that people have the right to protect themselves against this kind of harassment."


Officer Bubbles Statement of Claim



skdadl said...

Alison, I would like to comment on this post, but we have this place in Toronto called Cherry Beach. It's quite a nice spit of land down on the lake, but it's, y'know, isolated. Sometimes uppity people get taken down there. They don't get killed (so far as I know), but they aren't so pretty afterwards as they used to be.

Or so I'm told. Please don't quote me.

Make McGuinty pay. That is our only solution.

Anonymous said...

Officer Bubbles is really a money-hungry despot, who wants nothing more than not work overtime anymore!

Alison said...

Make McGuinty pay. That is our only solution
Agreed. And that'll be your job over there in Ontario, chick.

Anon : OB shows up in a lot of G20 footage and I never saw him beating on anyone. The cops were very badly used here and he was not the only one having trouble handling his frustration with the situation. Consider how differently this whole thing would have gone had that $1-billion been spent on having the police walk with the marchers.

Alison said...

Right. I've just deleted a bunch of obnoxious incoming comments. Knock it off.

Anonymous said...

He proved insufficient preparation. She is just a child. He could resolved the situation by saying Do not throw soap bubbles. Even the woman officer was surprised with his abusive attitude. He unnecessarily intimated frighten the girl and the voice of prison exposed her to shame. And he still wants the respect of all world? He should be punishable and expelled from the corporation. And pay moral damages to the girl. He's mental sick - he thinks that he is a Matrix officer - simply ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bubbles.

Since you are an egomaniac you must be reading all these comments. I just want to praise you!

Your ability to intimidate a young girl blowing bubbles shows that you have overcome all the trauma of your youth that has plagued you with debilitating insecurity your entire life. The fact that you were able to actually face an adult, armed with a weapon, and calmly talk the situation down shows how far you have come in dealing with the abuse of your past.

Perhaps one day, you will actually become a fully functional adult member of our society. Though walking this path tends to discredit the already functional, helpful and respectful members of our police force, no price is too high if it can help to repair your very damaged psyche.

Perhaps if the lawsuits are successful, you can buy that hummer you always wanted.

Best of luck!

Jude Iscariot said...

Officer Bubbles is a terrible victim in all of this.

For an alternate take on this drama:

Anonymous said...

You can reach the good officer's division at: 1-416-808-5200

They are very supportive of their own.

William Quincy Belle said...

Was the video of Officer Bubbles "doctored"? Did someone try to deliberately portray the police in a bad light to further their own cause?

Anonymous said...

Man, that is some desperate, Mr Belle. Not even Officer Bubbles
himself disputes the original video.

William Quincy Belle said...

Dear Anonymous,

Read the entire blog. The officer's statement of claim paints a different picture from the video. In any case, with everybody only focusing on the video, everybody is missing the context of the entire event.

Orwell's Bastard said...

I'm not so sure I like it when people refer to him as OB.

Just saying.

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