Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I think I see a pattern here

Defense Ministry, Nov 6 : Afghan soldier mistakenly kills two US troops

McClatchy, Nov 6 : Afghan soldier turns weapon on American troops, kills 2

"And just last week, a squad of Afghanistan's national police in Ghazni province, southwest of Kabul, were reported to have crossed sides to the Taliban."
LA Times, Nov 7 : Afghan soldier killed at least 2 U.S. troops, Taliban claims

"A Taliban spokesman says a defecting Afghan soldier killed three U.S. troops in a military installation. In August, two Spanish paramilitary police officers and their interpreter were shot and killed by an Afghan at a police training center."
The Star, Nov 6 : Troops may stay in Afghanistan as ‘trainers'

"Canadian troops could remain “behind the wire” in Afghanistan involved in training local troops after their combat mission ends next summer." Till 2014.

Sure, Steve, train 'em up. Asshole.

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thwap said...

That was one of the first two things that came into my head upon hearing about this training role.

I also thought about how the non-insurgents are as likely to be plundering rapists as not.

So we train the people who are fighting us and the ones who want to oppress the people we claim to be serving.

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