Monday, January 28, 2013

Sun News Exposed

" Sun News has been a strong voice supporting pro-life, pro-family and limited government ideals. This is what my show, Byline, has been about from the beginning," wrote Sun News host Brian Lilley to select supporters. "We are asking friends to help us out by signing our petition which will tell the CRTC that Sun News is a valued service that all Canadians should have access to."

Or rather : Canadians will be forced to pay for if they successfully petition the government to force 'free market' companies into doing business with Sun News.

So who answered the call?

Well, as already noted first by Alberta Diary : LifeSite: Sun News asks pro-lifers to support 'do or die' application.

The anti-choice Campaign Life Coalition : Sign the petition to keep Sun News Network on the Air

Canadian Shooting Sports Assoc. : Attention firearms enthusiasts -- please vote NOW to keep Sun News Network on the air

Catholic Canada : Help Sun News get a fair shake

Senator Patrick Brazeau : Dude, how many more ways can I say this: I. Support. Sun. News. Getting. Mandatory. Carriage. (With associated fees.)"

While over at Counterjihad!, if you scroll down a bit under
Breaking News! – FOIA response confirms Obama using stolen Social Security number
you'll find Canadians! Sun News needs your help!  
"Our rivals are doing everything in their power to stop us from getting a new broadcast licence. We’re used to their tactics, but we can’t let them get away with this. We need your support. We need you to take action.
Right now we’re getting the short end of the stick. Many local cable providers are refusing to offer Sun News! In fact, we’re only allowed in 4 out of 10 households in Canada and that’s not fair."
Along with alerts in Sun Media Corp's 43 daily newspapers and over 250 community weekly papers across the country, the largest press group in Canada, and CanoeTV,, plus the daily harangues from Spun News itself.
Quite the little support group they have going there.

About that constant Sun News refrain: "only available in 4 out of 10 Canadian households."

Fagstein : Fact-checking the debate over Sun News
According to the latest CRTC Communications Monitoring Report, the major providers (Rogers, Shaw, Videotron, Cogeco and Bell) combine for 10.2 million subscribers out of 11.8 million total. According to the same report, 80% of subscribers have digital service, so that means at least 8 million of the 12 million (two thirds) could add Sun News to their service if they wanted to.
So I guess they don't want to, huh? Probably don't want to be forced to either.

Michael Geist  : CRTC should put consumers first and drop ‘must carry’ requirements
"CRTC - stop treating Canadians as ATMs for the broadcasters by dropping mandatory distribution altogether, while requiring broadcast distributors to offer all licensed channels to their subscribers in a pick-and-pay format so that at long last consumers get to decide what they want to watch and pay for."


Anonymous said...

"under Breaking News! – FOIA response confirms Obama using stolen Social Security number"

Kory must be so proud.

West End Bob said...

Hope we'll be celebrating the denial of this bogus application on April 23, Alison . . . .

Anonymous said...

So - anti-choicers, gun nuts, a Con patronage appointee, and Americans who think Obama is an alien. About who you'd expect Sun patrons to be really.

Anonymous said...

Sun News is a propaganda machine for, Harper's corrupt government.

Goebbels was Hitler's propaganda Minister. No bad press was permitted out to the public. No dictator wants their dastardly deeds, getting out to the citizens.

Many people who tried to post, during Chief Spence fasting said. If they were critical of Harper, their comments were not published. My belief is, Harper controls most of the media.

Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation Party of 1989. That's where his abusive dictatorship comes from.

Anonymous said...

Harper is a right wing piece of political trash who would slit your throat the get your neighbor's vote, if that did not work he would cheat, oh he already does that!

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