Saturday, January 19, 2013

Christy Clark's Big Fat Tarsands Fundraisers

Our national media seems pretty exercised about Alberta tarsands bigwigs and political insiders throwing a fundraiser in Calgary for our unelected Premier Christy Clark's Liberals to slag off on the NDP :

CBC : Albertans hold fundraiser for BC Liberals
G&M : Clark defends out-of-province fundraising for B.C. Liberal candidate
FPost : Alberta powerbrokers throw lifeline to B.C. premier as threat of tougher pipeline fight from NDP looms
Sun : B.C. Liberals tap Calgary crowd for election funds
Edmonton Journal : Alberta Tories helping to raise cash for beleaguered B.C. Liberals

They do know that last October, Chrusty went straight from her "frosty" meeting with Alberta's Alison Redford in which she loudly promised to protect BC's environment from Alberta pipelines, directly to a fundraiser at the Calgary Petroleum Club, also hosted by the same Murray Edwards, chairman of Canadian Natural Resources Limited, and exactly these same Alberta dudes, don't they? And that the year before on October 20, 2011, a $500-a-plate fundraiser was held for her, again at the Calgary Petroleum Club. 

They do realize that Chrusty's 2011 October Alberta fundraiser was set up by her then chief of staff Ken Boessenkool, formerly Tarsands Harper's chief of staff, right?

They have noticed that it was Encana's Gwyn Morgan who smoothed over the transition from the unre-electable Gordo to the unelected Premier Chrusty - the same Encana who have donated over a half a million dollars to Chrusty's Liberals in the last 3 years. Right?

Oh well, if Calgary could hold a $1000-a-plate fundraiser to elect John McCain for president in 2008, I guess Chrusty might be worth $125-a-plate to them in 2013.

h/t MoS and BCLib
Update : RossK brings the "foreign special interests and their deep pocket puppets" angle to Encana's financial support for Christy. But come on, Ross, PetroChina buying 49.9% of an Encana project with an additional $1B to come over the next four years falls a whole .1% within Steve's new foreign ownership guidelines. So we're good here and no review required says Industry Canada.


Anonymous said...

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals, are pathetically easy to see through. When the BC Liberals know they can't win, they cheat too. The HST wasn't on Campbell's radar. The BCR wasn't for sale either.

Harper's degenerates Campbell and Boessenkool, both have drinking problems. Harper hired Bruce Carson, who was arrested for influence peddling.

Christy works for Harper too, just as Campbell did before her. Not for one minute, did we not believe Christy supported the Enbridge pipeline. We know she does. She also permits Harper's Communist Chinese, to take the BC mining jobs.

Christy is also trying to have, BC people believe, there will be an election, May 2013. Don't count on it. Christy will delay the election. This is just another dirty tactic, of the BC Liberals.

Harper and his Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are a litany of, lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, dirty tactics, dirty politics and, they cheat to win.

Trust any of that rotten, corrupt crew? Not on your Nelly.

The Mound of Sound said...

Just a few months longer, Alison, and we might be able to put this bad dream behind us.

Thanks for this background.

Anonymous said...

Not to quibble but how do you know Clark's Petroleum Club gig in October was $500-a-plate when the link you provide for it says they don't know how much it cost or who attended.

Alison said...

Anon : I pooched the link. The first part should have gone to the $500-a-ticket quote from the Financial Post in October, while the second part goes to the Tyee link with their much more informative coverage.
Thanks for pointing this out.

MoS : 308 !
I wonder who Steve will send out to look after Christy next? Maybe just a robocall company ;-).

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