Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Get Your NSA On, Zombies!

NYTimes: New iPhone's Fingerprint Scanner : "Coming just one day after leaked documents suggested that the National Security Agency is able to hack into smartphones, the unveiling of a new iPhone with a built-in fingerprint scanner prompted dismay and mockery..."

See the NSA slides at both links above.

And, as noted by Agent Smith above, it's all turning into a giant hairball :
The NSA Machine: Too Big For Anyone to Understand ... including the NSA
Ok, the Canadian CSEC connection ...

The NSA has deliberately weakened encryption on the net by, among other attacks, introducing encryption vulnerabilities and an NSA backdoor into the standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and used by banks, corporations, governments, and individual people to protect sensitive data sent over the internet.
NY Times, Sept 10 :
"Canada’s Communications Security Establishment ran the standards process for the international organization, but classified documents describe how ultimately the N.S.A. seized control.  
"After some behind-the-scenes finessing with the head of the Canadian national delegation and with C.S.E., the stage was set for N.S.A. to submit a rewrite of the draft,” the memo notes. “Eventually, N.S.A. became the sole editor."
Bill Robinson at Lux ex Umbra, a Canadian authority on CSEC, does not believe CSEC was duped into this by the NSA but rather 
"CSE and the NSA worked hand-in-glove to game the standards process."
Update : CSEC responds to Jesse Brown at Maclean's and declines to deny that they were "finessed" by the NSA into betraying global encryption standards.

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