Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Joint CAPP/Postmedia tarsands promotion

Postmedia - CAPP Showcase - January 2013 from Postmedia 3i on Vimeo.

Thurs AM update : Postmedia just yanked the vid.

Transcript :
"Postmedia is proud to present its 2013 media partnership with CAPP.
We are a media company national in scope but community-focused. Canadians know our brands, trust our content, and welcome us as a vital member of their communities. 
In 2013, we'll join Canadians in discussing what really drives Canada's economic engine - energy.  With a multi-media strategy that includes a digital sponsorship of the Energy Channel across our national network. Our editorial coverage will be tied to multiple touchpoints for CAPP including : 100% of all advertizing on energy pages, sponsorship logo, live conversation feeds, social media feeds, CAPP's partner representation, videos, promotional links, homepage takeovers, and more. 
CAPP's messaging will extend to our massive mobile and tablet network so that vital energy information is never more than a click away. Our print coverage will include weekly energy editorial across our entire newspaper chain, along with monthly joint ventures and quarterly special reports on subjects CAPP needs to bring to the forefront of Canadian consciousness. 
We'll direct our audience to the CAPP Energy Channel, Direct Mail, with a combination of promotional advertising and social media amplification.
The CAPP and Postmedia program will be executed with seamless project management and continuously optimized throughout to ensure your success. 
Be where your audience is : Postmedia."
Vancouver Observer posted slides from an alternate joint PostMedia/CAPP presentation that turned up on twitter yesterday.

Postmedia includes National Post, Financial Post, Vancouver Sun and Province, Times Colonist, Winnipeg Free Press ***, Ottawa Citizen, Calgary Herald, Windsor Star, Edmonton Journal, Regina Leader-Post, Saskatoon Star Phoenix, Montreal Gazette, and

In November, 19% of Postmedia was acquired by a second New York hedge fund, raising the total percentage of its foreign ownership to 54%.

*** Ooops - sold in 2011. Serves me right for copying the list of papers directly off the Postmedia 2013 presentation at top. I guess they were referring to their *brand*.


Anonymous said...

Times Colonist was sold to Glacier Media, and the Winnipeg Free Press is owned by FP Newspapers Inc.

Alison said...

Thank you. Noted and corrected.
Odd that Postmedia included them in their CAPP plug.

Anonymous said...

i'm waiting to see if that scuzbag black snatches any of the glacier papers now that theyve announced that they plan to go tits up.

Beijing York said...

I know that the Investment Canada Act was severely diluted compared to the legislation for the Foreign Investment Review Agency but cultural industries including media and communications used to have an extremely high threshold to meet before foreign investment was approved and the cap on that investment was once very low (ie. around 20%). Even when they allowed new entries ( distributors like Warner Brothers), the controlling interest in the subsidiary company had to be Canadian. Sadly, most Canadians don't care about foreign ownership or its implications (as in tremendous downsizing = crappy quality, job losses and loss of media diversity in the market).

Alison said...

Anon@4:16 : Not really universally loved, are they?

BY : I don't know how much diff it makes but I believe Postmedia retained voting control even as it lost majority ownership through something called dual-class share structuring. But yeah.

Mackenna said...

How does an industry that contributes 2% to Canada's GDP "drive Canada's economic engine"? This is horseshit dreamed up by the Conservatives that have zero interest in any other industries.

Dr.Dawg said...

No surprise that Postmedia just dumped its excellent environmental reporter Mike De Sousa. All parts of one greasy puzzle.

Alison said...

Postmedia just yanked the frickin' vid! Here and at VanObserver!
Similar one and slides still up at Van Observer though.

De Souza - hope he lands somewhere worthy of him.

Anonymous said...

You haven't had much luck with your posted vids this week- first Snowden now this :(

Alison said...

The good thing though is that CBC is currently reading the transcript - Hi CBC ! - so perhaps something will
come of it after all.

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