Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Pay to Play in BC with Spectra

Six years ago the BC government decided not to bother doing its own environmental assessments any more because it was so much more efficient to hand that responsibility over to the industry-captured federal National Energy Board for rubber-stamping. That deal was called the Environmental Assessment Equivalency Agreement.

In January the BC Supreme Court ruled that the BC government did not have the authority to pass off its constitutional obligations onto the NEB and found this agreement "invalid" as it served as an end run around the province having to consult BC First Nations over major pipeline projects on their territories. Score one for Gitga'at First Nation.

Now this equivalency agreement can be cancelled by either the NEB or the BC Environmental Assessment Office at any time with 30 days notice but Christy Clark opted instead for another end run - passing an Order In Council last Thursday exempting five Peace region natural-gas projects from the provincial environmental assessments the Supreme Court says it must now carry out: 
The Spectra South Peace pipeline, Spectra's Dawson gas plant, Spectra's Fort Nelson North plant, Nova Gas Transmission's Groundbirch pipeline, and Nova Gas Transmission's Horn River mainline extension.
As noted by Charlie Smith in the Georgia Straight : Christy Clark cabinet issues order-in-council to get around court ruling on environmental assessments
"Premier Christy Clark's former deputy chief of staff, Kim Haakstad, is Spectra Energy's manager of technical workforce strategy."
Ms Haakstad was forced to resign her position as Christy's chief of staff in March 2013 over the "Quick Win" ethnic vote election scandal but was back in May stumping for Christy in her bid to win a seat in her home riding of Vancouver-Point Grey - which she lost, making her a Premier without a riding until a safer seat could be found for her. 
Haakstad made the jump to Spectra three months later in August 2013. 

Over at RossK's killer reporting and banjo emporium, some of his commenters wondered if Spectra contributed to the $50,000 top up salary Christy receives from the BC Libs each year.   
Dunno, guys, but Texas-based Spectra has been pretty good to the BC Libs

From the BC gov press release
"EAO has begun a process for the projects which are also impacted by the court decision but have not been approved or constructed. These projects include: 
Approved Projects – not yet constructed
North Montney Mainline Pipeline Project; andEnbridge Northern Gateway Project. 
Projects currently under review

Trans Mountain Expansion Project; andTowerbirch Expansion Project.
Following a process set out by EAO including consultation with Aboriginal groups, ministers will make environmental assessment decisions on these projects according to the act."
Extra homework : Why Do So Many BC Liberal Operatives End Up in Trouble?
Criminal charges, convictions, and more plague the party.


Anonymous said...

Holly Stick here

In other news Harper is resigning finally

I'm guessing from that he will be pushing the TPP.

Alison said...

Holly : "as he pursues new interests on corporate boards and the establishment of a foreign policy institute"

The FriedRich Hayek Firewall Institute?

The Las Vegas (Tar) Sands Corporation ?

Boris said...

Well, I mostly think good riddence, but there's part of me thinking he's shirking his responsibility to his constituents who technjcally picked him as their MP, not PM.

Anonymous said...

~ waterbaby
Nicely pulled together, Alison

According to the Orders in Council website, we have a new Administrative co-ordinator for the Ministry of the Environment. These are the credentials that landed the job:
Kirby Delaney (LinkedIn profile)
Administrative Assistant, Minister of Small Business, Red Tape Reduction at Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, Discover the Past
Maritime Museum of BC, Coast Hotels, Moka House Franchising (Moka House Coffee)
University of Victoria

I have two years of museum work including focusing on program creation and implementation . In addition to this, I have ten years of customer service experience in retail, hospitality and fundraising. I am passionate about history, the arts and current affairs with a special interest in local history and historical preservation. I am capable of designing programmes and building partnerships. I strive to be an efficient manager, team member, communicator and problem solver. I am also an active volunteer in the community.
Administrative Assistant to the Minister of Small Business, Red Tape Reduction
Minister of Small Business, Red Tape Reduction at Legislative Assembly of British Columbia
December 2014 – Present (1 year 6 months)Victoria

As the Administrative Assistant to the Minister, I am responsible for the minister's official correspondence, where I am the last overseer for letters leaving the office. I am also responsible for the minister’s official documents as well as arranging meetings and being a public liaison for the ministry. This position gives me the opportunity to work closely with the media and the public as well as coordinate with other government offices.
Discover the Past
June 2015 – Present (1 year)Victoria

As a guide for Discover the Past I write, research and deliver historical tours on a variety of subjects including women’s and judicial history of British Columbia
Assistant Educational Curator and Weekend Supervisor
Maritime Museum of BC
2013 – October 2014 (1 year)
Working under the Interpretive Coordinator I am responsible to deliver teaching programmes on a broad range of subjects and to develop learning activities and school programs for children and adults. As well as this I work with other community centers on behalf of the Museum to organize events and teaching programs for outreach for the
Maritime Museum and I perform office administration. Examples of this include:
Family day at the Maritime Museum. A multi generational event in collaboration with Shaw Ocean Discovery center and the Gulf Island National Park Reserve. For this event I distributed and organized the marketing, as well as arranged volunteers and stations. The event was a major success and raised funds for the museum. This program had attendance of over 130 people, all first time visitors.
Tours. I research, write and deliver tours on local Victorian history and women’s involvement in maritime trade.
Pirate School Supervisor. A community outreach event participating in Victorian cultural events such as Canada Day and the Saanich Fair.
BC Teacher Strike Camps. For the week of the teachers camp I designed and coordinated seven full days of educational programing for children aged four to nine.
(Open)2 projects
Front Office Clerk
Coast Hotels
September 2013 – September 2014 (1 year 1 month)
I worked both alone and as part of a team to ensure that the hotel guests were not only satisfied, but that their needs were anticipated and every possible detail considered. Responsibilities included filling orders and maintaining the hotel’s computer software at the front desk, as well as responding to and corresponding with guests by phone, email, letter, and working to make experience of hotel guests in Victoria as fun and engaging as possible.
Moka House Franchising (Moka House Coffee)
2012 – 2013 (1 year)

Alison said...

Boris : He's not leaving till summer, right, so does that mean he'll be home working in his Calgary constituency office?

Alison said...

Waterbaby : What is your problem? It says right there she was a Pirate School Supervisor. A Pirate School Supervisor If the Environment Ministry is going to get keel-hauled again, I for one am glad to hear they're hiring a professional this time.

chris said...

Alison. Arrr, matey, that made me laugh.

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