Saturday, July 29, 2006

Middle East Infographic - updated version

The Independent ran an infographic as its front page a week ago.
I've, uh, updated the text and moved Canada over to the 'right' side.

You can see the original here, thanks to The Gazetteer.


q said...

Thanx for the correction, placing us center, I mean to the far right.
It makes tactical planning so much easier for busy terrorists when there's clean simple graphics to work with. I hope Steve is beefing up security across Canada faster than...okay, enough jokes about his weight.

scout said...

personally i've put a large X on our lawn to further help the terrorists. i really hope steve keeps shooting his mouth off, um, i mean eloquently and diplomatically saying good words to help.

mac said...

Bombing the crap out of Lebanon - now recommended by three out of ten wealthiest countries in the world!

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