Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kady O'Malley rocks the House

with her totally brilliant live-blogging of the Chalk River nukes fiasco hearings over at,
in which she catches Health-is-BigBiz-and-I-got-me-lots-of-shares-in-it-Minister Tony Clement bemoaning the fate of "the best laid plans of mice, women and men."

Our story so far :
~Back in July, Natural Resources (and by "Natural" we are of course including nuking the tar sands and reinstating oil supertanker runs up and down the BC coast Inside Passage) Minister Gary Lunn holds a press conference to announce he is moments away from successfully inking a deal to sell half the publicly-owned crown corporation Atomic Energy of Canada General Electric. Oddly this bit of news fails to even break wind in the mainscream media.
~Nov./Dec. : Linda Keen and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission extend the AEC shutdown of the 50 year old Chalk River nuclear reactor for safety violations.
~All parties, repeat, all parties pass legislation to reopen it after some bullshit story about it being the world's only supplier of medical isotopes for diagnosing cancer patients is briefly circulated before being refuted by, you know, actual doctors.
~Gary Lunn, the Natural Resources minister, fires Linda Keen, head of Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, for doing her job, at 15 minutes to midnight the night before she is to testify before an emergency session of the Natural Resources committee which has been specially convened to look into the Chalk River nukes fiasco.
~Jan 29, 2008 : Linda Keen testifies! Tough, forthright, eminently credible, she makes considerable use of sneaky tricks like statistics and logic and her own expertise to confound her Con critics, who, sadly, are apparently reduced to mangling John Steinbeck.

Take it away, Kady!

P.S. : OK, the top of Kady's blog is now featuring a story about Harper's deputy press secretary Dimitri Soudas' part in a backroom federal contract real estate deal intended to suck up votes from Montreal's Hassidic community!!!, but if you scroll down past this latest bit of Con Accountability Act violation, you'll get to her Tales of the Isotopes etc.


Shunmeister said...

Good post and thanks for pointing to the MacLeans Blog.

I just posted this at DeSmog Blog on the isotopes and the real agenda.

Isotopes and the real agenda
Submitted by Shunster (not verified) on Thu, 2008-01-31 07:58.

I would humbly suggest that the isotope saga has little to do with Isotopes and everything to do with the future of our Country's political agenda as well as nuclear power production in Canada and around the world.

Harper's team has made it abundantly clear since forming this minority government that they will take every opportunity afforded them to reshape the public service with those politically aligned with their agenda.

What is remarkable is how effective they have been as a minority in doing this. Not only have they begun a successful cleansing of the public service, its boards and commissions, they have also orchestrated a remarkable paradigm shift in policy and status as positive economic force and peacekeeping nation in the international community.

That this remarkable shift has occurred under a minority government with slim support and without the hallmarks of political accountability our country is known for, marks a turbulent and profoundly resounding point in history we all will eventually be ashamed of if we continue to condone such practice.

Alison said...

Any time you want to guest post something here, Shun, just let me know.
BTW, are you connected with the Shun Lunn people?
Great idea - but I'm afraid it's yet another variation on the Mark Marrissen argument that we must vote Lib to keep out the Cons. I say this because despite billing itself as non-partisan and being very critical of the Cons and NDP, I thought the Shun Lunn site went pretty easy on the Libs.

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