Friday, January 18, 2008

Traditional greetings

Hello again.
I just got home from a stay in hospital - no news, no net, hence no blogging for ten days - and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
Anyway I was sitting in the hospital hallway waiting for a CATscan on Tuesday and this front page from the National Post was on the seat next to me :
The traditional first year anniversary symbol is paper, year ten is tin, and at 25 years you greet your mate with silver, but after three generations of facillitating arms dealing, apparently the appropriate traditional greeting from a Bush is weaponry.
This is the man our own PM would emulate, as if we were all sitting around in caves decorating our faces with feces and waiting for Kowabunga to do the moon disappearing trick again.
What is the appropriate traditional greeting among people appalled to realize that these parasites are the same ones to whom we have entrusted the care of the environment and our resources, the education of our children, advocacy for the poor and powerless, care for the aged and sick, the championing of justice, and the safeguarding of the sovereignty of our country?


West End Bob said...

Welcome Back, Alison!! We hope you are feeling better and will be back to 100% quickly!

As for the traditional greeting for the SOB's, how 'bout:

"Give us our country back, you bastards!!"

Works quite well for me . . . .

Anonymous said...

The appropriate traditional greeting among ourselves?
You know what it is, Alison - throw that right fist straight up in the air.

Be well, kiddo.
Very grateful for your work here.

Anonymous said...

Being in hospital is like travelling to some strange other country where the tourists don't want to be there and the natives wear strange uniforms and look at you funny.
So glad to see you back and blogging again. Missed you!

Anonymous said...

the hospital? how come you were doing club med?

tried to post last week but was on dial up and it took 8 million years for the haloscan to appear.

coming at ya from the top floor of a quansat hut for a conccrete company. futon as hard as cement....long me.

hope you'se is all better, from me.

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