Saturday, January 19, 2008

Still catching up on what's happened while I was...whoa! - WTF!

In July the Toronto Star reported that the federal government was negotiating to sell part of the Crown-owned Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. to General Electric, with Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn leading the privatization discussions.
"Lunn is driving this himself," one source told the Star. "GE is very confident that this is a done deal."

Next we hear that Canada's nuclear watchdog, Linda Keen, president of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, has been fired for doing her job - in this case shutting down the Chalk River nuclear facility for safety infractions - and that the feds have reopened it again anyway over her objections.
Gary Lunn : "The federal government has lost confidence in Ms Keen's leadership abilities."

Marc Zwelling of Vector Research : "In polls Canadians express wariness over selling the government-owned nuclear facilities, probably because voters are afraid private companies would cut corners in the name of profit and risk meltdowns and Chernobyl-type disasters."

Yeah. So you can just imagine how we feel about friggin government cutting corners in the name of profit and the chance to sell off yet another Crown corporation that we've already paid for once.

Fucking unbelievable.

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Jennifer Smith said...

Welcome back, dahlin'!

Not to worry - I'm all over the whole CNSC / AECL / Kenn / Lunn story. Read and enjoy!

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