Monday, February 25, 2008

Afganistan - Do Not Extend

Independent Feb 25, 2008 : Women's lives worse than ever

"Grinding poverty and the escalating war is driving an increasing number of Afghan families to sell their daughters into forced marriages.

Girls as young as six are being married into a life of slavery and rape, often by multiple members of their new relatives. Banned from seeing their own parents or siblings, they are also prohibited from going to school. With little recognition of the illegality of the situation or any effective recourse, many of the victims are driven to self-immolation – burning themselves to death – or severe self-harm.

Six years after the US and Britain "freed" Afghan women from the oppressive Taliban regime, a new report proves that life is just as bad for most, and worse in some cases."
~ Womankind : Afghan Women and Girls Seven Years On


That guy said...

Well, that was really worth it, then, wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

What's the alternative? Leave Aghanistan to the NGOs and foreign aid?

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