Friday, February 08, 2008

From NAFTA to the SPP

"Designed to shore up the United States’ weakening position as a global hegemon, the SPP’s primary goals are to link economic integration of the three countries to U.S. security needs; deepen U.S. access to oil, gas, electricity, and water resources throughout the continent; and to provide a privileged—and institutionalized—role for transnational corporations in continental deregulation. The stakes for labor, the environment, and civil liberties in all three countries couldn’t be higher. Yet because of the SPP’s reliance on executive authority to push the agenda, many of the SPP’s initiatives remain virtually invisible, even to many activists."

An excerpt from From NAFTA to the SPP, an excellent one page primer on the Security and Prosperity Partnership written by Katherine Sciacchitano at Dollars and Sense, notable for its inclusion of Mexico's role and its acknowledgement of the different reasons the right and the left have for opposing it.

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