Thursday, February 28, 2008

Now that's what you call a protest

march thru
Mexico City
to protest
Feb 1, 2008

They were demanding that the Agricultural Chapter of NAFTA be renegotiated, the privatization of the energy sector be halted, and that the new Social Security law be repealed.

Common Frontiers Canada :
"The Globe and Mail has a mention of the march in today's Report on Business section where the crowd is described as "Thousands of mexican farmers...".
The Toronto Star didn't carry the story at all."


West End Bob said...

Amazingly, the following is a direct quote from the website on today's bush presser:

"Thirdly, those of us who grew up in Texas remember what the border looked like when we were kids, and it was really poor. And you go down to that border today, it is prosperous on both sides of the river, to the credit of those who proposed NAFTA, and to the credit of those who got NAFTA through the Congress. If you're worried about people coming into our country illegally, it makes sense to help a place like Mexico grow its economy. Most folks would rather be finding a job close to home; most folks would rather not try to get in the bottom of an 18-wheeler to come and put food on the table. (ED: emphasis mine)

This agreement has meant prosperity on both sides of our borders, north and south. And I believe it's in the interests to continue to seek markets for our farmers, ranchers and businesspeople."

Do ya' get the impression the cretin is totally clueless ? ? ? ?

thwap said...

The mainstream media aided and abetted a stolen election in Mexico, ... they're not about to count the marchers opposed to their "free trade" hobby-horse are they?

Obviously, they've aided and abetted bush II's installation and his illegal wars as well.

I've read 12 million poor farmers have had to flee Mexico since NAFTA was implemented. Their paycheques support a further 30 million family members back home.

Yet the deal is presented as a success.

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