Friday, April 25, 2008

Bill C-537 - Vellacott's Trojan Horsefeathers

Bill C-537 : An Act to amend the Criminal Code (protection of conscience rights in the health care profession)
1. The Criminal Code is amended by adding the following after section 425.1:
Definition : "human life"
"human life" means the human organism at any stage of development, beginning at fertilization or creation."
This snowball-in-hell from ReformaTory Alliance parliamentary prat Maurice Vellacott is just another backbencher wedgie against abortion, and, like Epp's Bill C-484, it will be stoutly defended by the usual Trojan horsefeathers crowd as being not against the right to choose - oh no, not at all - it's for the health professional.

Then if, like these women in Pennsylvania, you get raped but manage to get yourself straight to the nearest hospital to be examined and still have the wit to also ask for a morning after pill but are denied one by the attending ER physician on the grounds it's against his religion to give you one, you'll at least be able to thank your lucky stars that his "conscience rights" have been "protected" by Vellacott's peculiar version of the Criminal Code. (H/T Diane Demornay at enmasse)

One thing puzzles me here though : "the human organism at any stage of development, beginning at fertilization or creation" ???
What's with "or creation"? What "stage" could possibly need the further embellishment of "or creation"?
Well I guess the Second Coming is covered.
Further raised eyebrows on C-537 :


West End Bob said...


Excellent, Alison . . . .

JJ said...

Wow, this is a real sneak attack, a lot worse than I even thought. Unbelievable!!!

Dr.Dawg said...

Vellacott--the defender of "starlight tours."

900ft Jesus said...

best picture ever! Says it all.

Alison said...

WEB : xxx

JJ : Thankfully it's a very dumb sneak attack with no hope of getting past a second reading.

Dr Dawg : Yes, credentials which presumably led Harper to appoint him as Chair of the Aboriginal Affairs Committee, before he had to can his ass for having them.

My other favorite Vellacott moment was when he invited a US anti-abortion doctor/activist to Ottawa to explain to us all that abortions cause breast cancer.

Jesus : She's great, isn't she?
She had a book of them, "Abortion Cartoons on Demand"

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