Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sunday - the day we typically set aside to discuss exorcisms in Ottawa

Ottawa Citizen : "Ottawa's Catholic archbishop has appointed at least two new exorcists, one each for the English and French communities, replacing the region's last exorcist who retired five years ago."

Five years ago! Holy shit! You must have quite the backlog to deal with then.

"-- in the past 15 years, Ottawa clergy say they have had only one case of demonic possession."

It wasn't by any chance the guy who retired five years ago, was it?
Ok, never mind, but tell us : who is most likely to become possessed by demons?

"In fact, ordinary sinning doesn't seem to interest demons much; they go for people reading horoscopes, playing around with New Age spiritualities, lonely, alienated kids getting into a Goth lifestyle, and especially anyone having a fun night with a Ouija board. Even that yoga class at the community centre might be suspect."

Yoga. Yeah, I can totally see that.
So what would be a typical symptom of possession then?

"esoteric information that the victim could not have otherwise known."

Oh noes ... bloggers!


Q said...

What a financial burden on the Church, serving demons in both official languages.

West End Bob said...

Guess it's finally time to retire the old Ouija board . . . .

Dave said...

My head is spinning.

Anonymous said...

You guys chuckle if you will, me.... I'm gonna sleep a heck lot better tonight knowing that "at least two" exorcists with super secret identities are on the job.

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