Monday, April 07, 2008

Great moments in journalism

Headline : MacKay won't rule out boycott of Beijing Olympics

Lead : "The Conservative government has not ruled out a boycott of the Olympic Games in Beijing, says Defence Minister Peter MacKay.
The issue has yet to be raised at the federal cabinet table, and until that happens, no decisions can be made, MacKay said Monday outside the House of Commons."

Way, way down the page : "MacKay's director of communications, Dan Dugas, later said the issue would not be discussed at cabinet."

Also file under Great moments in Con accountability

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skdadl said...

Every time one of the absurd persons who are Harper cabinet members makes a public statement, I have an overpowering desire to shout at the twerp "Who do you think you are?" Unfortunately, of course, they all have the answer to that question. For the time being.

Peter MacKay is just a joke, though, a national laughing-stock. But then so is Stockwell Day. See them both trucking on. It's embarrassin'.

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