Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights turns 60 this year.

It states that every human, regardless of sex, skin colour, language, religion, country of origin, intellect, or wealth has the right to live, and to live in freedom and safety.
Just by dint of being born human, you have the right to food, shelter, education, and healthcare, the right to freedom of speech and religion, equality before the law, the right to work and to benefit from that work. You have the right to property, to marry whom you choose - or not, to belong to which groups you choose, to vote, and not to be persecuted or tortured. You have the right to care when you cannot care for yourself. And there's more.
It is a fine ringing assertion of what is required to allow all of us to be fully human.
I would only ask that a 31st article be added : the right not to cause harm. This would pertain to non-religious conscientious objectors, and to the refusal to harm animals and the environment.
You can put your own signature to it now at the Every Human Has Rights Campaign.

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