Friday, December 18, 2009

Harper says "very comfortable" with being led by the US

on the world stage.

After the United States hammered out an agreement with 19 other major powers at an emergency meeting in Copenhagen to which Canada was not invited, Harper said Canada had been represented by the U.S. and "a group of close allies" :
"What will be most critical for Canada in terms of filling out the details of our regulatory framework will be the regulatory framework being developed in the United States.
The nature of the Canadian economy and the nature of our integrated energy markets is such that Canada and the United States need to be closely harmonized on this.
If the Americans don’t act, it will severely limit our ability to act. But if Americans do act, it is absolutely essential that we act in concert with them."
This was Harper's first public statement at the conference. Previously Environment Minister Jim Prentice made a 3 minute speech in the middle of the night which did not mention targets.

Harper's promise to put Canada back on the world stage ...
After winning eight Fossil of the Day awards over two weeks at Copenhagen, Canada capped it off by getting the grand Colossal Fossil of the Year Award for being the worst-performing country at the talks and the "the country which has done the most day after day to prevent a climate treaty."

Canada repeatedly blocked progress on setting tough targets and committing to international financing for developing countries.

While industrialized countries as a group must establish targets 25-40% below 1990 levels according to climate scientists, Canada's greenhouse gas emission reduction targets are the equivalent to 3% below 1990 levels by the year 2020 and even that is apparently negotiable.

So now we'll just have to wait and see what the US wants Harper to do.


West End Bob said...

Isn't it time for the Lady Alison to break out the harper Poodle pic from the bush days?

That's one of my faves . . . .

Oemissions said...

I wonder how his ratings will be after copenhagen.?
Some Canadians like the strong silent type!

opit said...

Sigh.Do nothing actually was about as good a strategy as any. The reasons for that, though,only became clear to me this month, though I had been looking at the clues for years.
Understand : I have been trying to make sense of U.S. politics through the eyes of one not brought up into their ethnocentric egotism. I don't think it can be done.
Ahmadinejad has been made a mockery of for years. The Axis of Evil so dominated their perceptions that the lies leading up to the invasion of Iraq still haven't led to 'heads rolling'.
Both were nations which used nuclear power generation, like North Korea. All have had economic sanctions levied against them. Their bank accounts had been confiscated or frozen or just generally made unavailable. All were represented as a threat by the holder of ridiculous worldwide WMD overkill and armed forces so large as to be hard to track.
Global Warming. Copenhagen. Right.
1975 'Endangered Atmosphere' Conference: Where the Global Warming Hoax Was Born
Oh. One of THOSE nuts.
Only lately.
Are we feeling warmer yet?
New Zealand’s temperature has been remarkably stable for a century and a half.New Zealand's National Climate Database available online, holds all New Zealand's climate data, including temperature readings, since the 1850s. Anybody can go and get the data for free. That’s what we did, and we made our own graph: the result looked nothing like the official graph.
There is so much more...and from scientists, not reporters and pundits. Here's where I started posts on Blogger

Alison said...

Oh one of THOSE nuts.
Opit I sympathize coz I've been there. Writing about the SPP for 8 years I would sometimes find the Birchers and the Joooos-control-the-world nutters were my companions. I also agree skepticism about our fondest prejudices is always good and yes it would be just like humans to think that everything is always about us.

However ...
the link you provide is not at all promising.

Of the scientists of your personal acquaintance, Opit, climate researchers or not, would you say a single one of them would be likely to base their research or their career on something Margaret Mead wrote about overpopulation 32 years ago?
I'm not a scientist but here's what I notice about them. They mostly do variations on measuring things -endlessly - and then they duke it out amongst themselves over decades as to what the measurements mean.
Nothing to do with eugenics or Hitler or genocide or putting "an end to human scientific and industrial progress" (!)

Social scientists are a whole other category and yes I think rich countries' "concerns" about "over-population" are used as an excuse to oppress poor countries but what has that got to do with the climate scientists out there measuring lichens and ice caps?

In the meantime : Bruce

Bob : Yup, Harper is poodling again. You go ahead and use it - I'm trying to think of a new one.

0 : His ratings are around 35% no matter what he does evr since the election. This is scarier than he is.

opit said...

I wasn't referencing those links as something from scientists. Truth to tell, I consider them more incidentals helping to establish the pattern which is the most convincing to me based on geopolitics and the Great Game, then throwing in a look at the science to see who look like science users and who are the Noise Machine.
Once you know what to look for, that can be seen quickly in some cases, very subtly in others.
But the 'Jews and other Nutters' I sometimes consider more a result of Poisoning the Well argumentation and cultural conditioning on our part...not to mention Orwellian abuse of definitions resulting in proper DuckSpeak: meaningless quacking.
For a sample, play the YouTube clip with Peter Jennings on Ahmadinejad which purports to represent him as a Holocaust denier.When I played it, I found more evidence to indicate that he was protesting denial of the Palestinian holocaust.

opit said...

Dr. John v. Kampen and I have been quipping for a while. Here's what he came up with this morning.
This 'prediction' in Copenhagen by Lord Monckton was made 2 days before the end of the UNFCCC global catastrophes conference. We now know the 'result' and see how dead-on Lord Monckton was. Do we indeed see the repeat of an old history? His comparison with Nazi-Germany and the 'achievements' of this peculiar 'conference' may seem daring for some. It also may be a brave and clear warning at the end of 2009 that little good is to be expected from 2010...

Alison said...

Opit : I posted Ahmadinejad's entire speech at the UN here. The quote from Paulitics under it is, I think, a very plausible interpretation of what was really going on there.

Lord Monkton. Good lord, that wanker.
His observation that diplomacy is nine parts showboat is hardly controversial, however by the time he gets into Hitler being a Greenie too and the National Socialist Party had the word 'socialist' in it, I was reminded that his previous campaign was to advocate segregating people with AIDS in camps.

Tell me this, Opit. Why are the people who purport to uncover and combat communism - Monkton's signature career path in politics - often the same ones who want to put some disadvantaged group or other in camps?

opit said...

A lot of the time when they say 'communist' I think they mean 'Bolshevik': but for the ordinary man the ideological differences between the Stasi and SS are unimportant.
Another problem is the practice of Fascists to misrepresent themselves as whatever will 'sell'. For any Authoritarian, the ideal of any 'representative government' is instantly usurped by money and power: because they can.
Conflating different things so as to confuse logic is simple emulation of P.T. Barnum. Just today I saw one post where the fellow noted Arizona prosecuting a fellow for leaving water bottles in the desert for 'illegal' immigrants. He was charged with littering and had quite a stack of penalties.
But the alert soul who wrote it up...headlined it as if he was being prosecuted by 'Christians.'
I don't have any use for 'Fundies' : but that was Out to Lunch and defamatory.
Using words without noting their meaning is a practice of advertising and propaganda : nor am I clear on the difference. But that's a topic on which my LinkFest! earns its name :

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