Saturday, December 12, 2009

How's our national media handling the constitutional crisis then?

You know, the one wherein just yesterday Harper imagined he was George Bush and told Parliament to go cheney itself because he is in charge and democracy is for wusses.

Behold : from the front pages of five national papers today :

And as Thwap noted earlier - ditto CBC.

The media put serious wood into emotional concern-trolling about the troops and national security. Now that it's obvious the real issue is about Parliament's oversight over the government, suddenly they've all turned into paper tigers.

Dave - pissed off and rightly so .


West End Bob said...

Is it the MSM's fault, or Canadian citizen's fault in this, Lady Alison?

Why aren't the people - not just the opposition parties - demanding action on this coup d'etat? How can they accept their elected government being taken over without their authorization?

What am I saying - It's deja vu all over again. Shades of bush taking over the US government under the fear of "turrerism." This time it's stevie protecting military information from the same "turrerists." History really does repeat itself.

crapola . . . .

Alison said...

It is the public's fault, Bob - we are smug and complaisant and we've had years of relatively stable government so we don't see the need to pay any attention o it. What attention we do pay is mostly to US news so we've also become acclimatized to the US concept of executive privilege.
That said, most of the Canadian media do an absolutely crap job of telling us anything different.

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