Thursday, September 29, 2011

And now a word from our sponsors ...

Knock, knock. You Mr Smith? Delivery. Sign here please.

Whoa! Massive box! But there must be some mistake - I didn't order anything.

You are Mr Smith, apartment 1A...

Yes, but ...

No worries, it's prepaid. Just sign here.

Alright - a present! So what is it? What's it say is in the box?

Let's see ... a remote control plane.

Really? I always wanted an rc plane. Who's it from? Bet it's my dad.

If you'll just sign here, I'll be on my way.

Oh sure, sorry ... here ya go and thanks.

Wow, this weighs a ton - must be one massive plane. Say, what's this other stuff listed on here with the plane :"Six assault rifles, three grenades, 25 pounds of C-4 plastic explosives, detonators ..." WTF ???

Hey, nice plane. You Mr Smith?

Yeah, why?

I've got a delivery for you. Three tonnes of fertilizer, prepaid. Where do you want it?

No offence to the hard working intelligence officials in Canada, US, and Australia, but just how small a part is the perp permitted to play in these terrorist plots to blow up public buildings anyway? Besides the usual initial angry anti-gov chat, I mean?


Beijing York said...

Amazing what lengths "our" security agencies go to just to propagate the myth that there are terrorist threats among us.

Anonymous said...

I think there probably are nutters among us who want to blow things up. But if like the Toronto 18 they can't manage it without substantial government aid in providing all the necessary contacts and hardware, who gives a shit? Oh yeah - the security industry does.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh.....Anonymous do you actually believe the Toronto 18 story? Tsk Tsk.

Anonymous said...

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