Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Election 41 minus RoboCon = No Con Majority :
"This is how the 41st general election should’ve turned out if we didn’t have numerous voting irregularities and without the effects of robocalling [source] in each of the affected ridings."
Measuring the impact of alleged "robocalls" in the 2011 Canadian election

h/t  Holly Stick in comments for both links

7 comments: said...

AND ! What would the Canadian Parliament look like if:
- The Conservatives stopped threatening Canadians with 'God The Economy' B.S.
like every company is going to move somewhere else where they would have to pay MORE taxes, MORE royalties, and not get away with environmental crimes like the Cons.[and Libs.[ allow them to do here?

kootcoot said...

I think that it is too bad we can't just move the whole tar sands to say, North Dakota and let the Amuricans have them in their natural state. Then again, maybe Saskatchewan and Alberta could switch places and then North Dakota could annex Alberta, this Canadian wouldn't miss it for a moment (other than the entertainment of watching Danielle Smith's campaign bus roll by with boobs on side in their hubcap bra)! But heckfire, we see as much or more Amurican news than Canadian, so we wouldn't even have to miss the bus.

Beijing York said...

All the pundits at the time were predicting a strong Conservative MINORITY. Those numbers jive with expectations.

Holly Stick said...

This guy is looking at vote moving:!/MuskokaMoneybag/status/182638188983103488

liberal supporter said...

This is why the CPC is attacking Bob Rae. They know they will be running against him. They know this because there won't be time for a convention to choose his replacement. They broke the fixed election law before and they'll break it again. They'll be one step ahead of the robocoup indictments and call an early election.

Oemissions said...

that cyber attack during NDP leader vote made for a very long and frustrating day
neither Harper nor Rae have spoken about it

Anonymous said...

Harpers been busy:


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