Monday, March 26, 2012

Tracking the BC ConservaLiberals

Dave and RossK are tracking the incestuous links between the federal Cons and the BC provincial Libs.

Dave traces the Vancouver web development company Backbone Technology setting up websites for the federal Cons in 2004, the Olympics, the BC Libs and the BC government, and scoring a secret bid on the BC HST info site. Handy, that.
RossK is looking at the possibility the BC Libs are a mere subsidiary of the FedCons and asks "Who was the first FedCon operative hired by Christy Clark?", noting a DComm left Steve to reappear in Christy's government 3 months later in July 2011.

So who was the first BC FedConLib? Here's one from April 2011.
Dimitri Pantazopoulos became Christie Clark's principal secretary on April 4, 2011, in charge of "Long-term policy and priorities and Intergovernmental Relations" after doing polling and voter tracking for her BC Liberal leadership race.
A former Reform Party policy advisor, he was introduced to Clark four months earlier by another Reform Party policy advisor and Harper strategist Ken Boessenkool, who quit as Clark's campaign manager after Steve asked senior members from the national Con campaign team to "refrain from taking formal positions in the B.C. leadership race".
Boessenkool, a former Enbridge lobbyist, eventually joined Clark's team as her chief of staff last month.

 Clark explains :
"The role of the principal secretary is a policy adviser, helping us navigate some of the policy waters that sometimes can get difficult -thinking about the long-term vision for government, helping set some of that agenda," she said.
Prior to becoming Clark's principal secretary, Pantazopoulos was founder and president of Praxicus Public Strategies for 11 years, where he led public opinion research as Steve's official "Pollster of Record", and more recently polled for TO Mayor Rob Ford. And previous to that :
Mr. Pantazopoulos served as a Washington, (D.C.) Partner with Market Strategies, Inc., an influential Republican public opinion research and consulting firm based in Livonia, Michigan. 
Surprising how often, no matter where you start with these guys, it leads back to Republican flacksters.

Christy Clark's latest Harper acquisition is recent PMO press secretary Sara MacIntyre, who introduced Steve's inimitable media-repression tactics to BC this month with her appointment as Clark's media handler less than one month after leaving Steve's employ.
“She's taken the Harper media plan and brought it to B.C.” said CTV's Robert Fife.
Go, Reform.


Anonymous said...

Harper's Northern Foundation Party is a Reformer dictatorship. They said, the skinheads organized this party. This was in 1989.

Henchman Campbell a supposed BC Liberal, works for Herr Harper, a supposed Conservative. Boessenkoll a supposed Conservative, works for the supposed BC Liberals.

Seems to me the entire lot of them, belong to Harper's fascist dictatorship of his, Northern Foundation Party.

I firmly believe, Harper is behind this election fraud, of the robo-calls. Well over half of Canadians, did not want Harper as P.M. and he knew it. This is far from the first time, Harper has used dirty tactics...just ask Gordon Campbell.

Holly Stick said...

You know, Anon, you should quit harping on the "Northern Foundation Party" which seems irrelevant now and for which there is little evidence that it was ever relevant.

We are talking about election fraud in the past three elections, for which there is plenty of evidence.

Anonymous said...

A week ago a Forum Research poll showed an NDP shut-out against the LibCons, capturing 75 out of 85 seats. Next election due in May 2013.
Will there be one?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of conservaliberals Just happened to meet Mark Dalton who ran for the federal cons in burnaby but failed to win before He ran for the libs in Maple Ridge-Mission. He votes in lockstep. Was outed as a right wing Homophobe after a letter surfaced in which he lumped in homosexuals with criminals. Swell guy.
Met him at earth day where he glad handed uncomfrtably for a nanosecond At the electric vehicle display. Had never heard of the Maple Ridge tech company who's car was in the X-prize competition.

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