Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Woodie's wombattlefield

Steve, one year ago : "I'm not opening this debate (on abortion). I don't want it opened. I have not wanted it opened. I haven't opened it as Prime Minister. I'm not going to open it. The public doesn't want to open it. This is not the priority of the Canadian public or this government and it will not be."

Yet here's Con MP Stephen Woodworth, happily debating abortion with Choice Joyce at HuffPo yesterday
Because the House Procedures committee, which coincidentally boasts four openly anti-choice MP guys - Scott Reid, Harold Albrecht, Laurie Hawn, and Tom Lukiwski (and do see yesterday's post for their particular shenanigans over robocon) - the PROC Committee has granted Woodie the right to debate his don't-mention-abortion-I-did-once-but-I-think-I-got-away-with-it abortion Motion 312 in the House on April 26. 

Woodie believes a human life begins at conception and he's not about to allow us sluts to fuck that up for the state any longer. All he asks is for a committee of 12 MPs - 7 Cons, 4 Dippers, and 1 Lib with a Con chair all appointed by that selfsame PROC committee - to figure it out for us and let us know the answer to the question : Why doesn't the state have legal custody over the breeding vessels any more? AKA Whatever happened to a trip to England for the rich; coathangers for the poor? 

Woodie wants it all done "scientifically" : "If we accept one law that says some human beings are not human, who's next?" 
From there he makes the jump from what is human - which is not in dispute as fetuses are obviously human tissue - to what is a person, which is a legal argument. He's pretty sure some kind of equitable agreement can be worked out that will allow two or more legal persons to inhabit one body which will be fair to both and so help me he likens it to freeing the slaves : "the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1859 that blacks were not persons under U.S. law. Wouldn't you and I have objected if we had been there?"

I'm really tired of the whole gamut of this cloying fetish for fetuses - those ethereal imaginary pets of terminally controlling god freaks - from their bunfests on the Hill to pix of their pets plastered in all their gory glory like substitute suffering jesuses on the sides of trucks parked outside schools for the shock value.
It's disgusting. Get help. Stop bothering us.


CanNurse said...

Thank you, Alison!! YES! to everything you've said! D'ya think we'd get in trouble like Anon if we used this tactic w. Woodie?


Alison said...

You mean like a #TellWoodieEverything but on FB? Ha! Not on FB myself but will pass your idea along to others who are. Will get back to you.

Beijing York said...

Brava, Alison!

I love that cartoon. It really is all about control of women; has always been with religion and so it is with these a**holes.

Lindsay Stewart said...

since the mp for my riding, one stephen woodworth, is essentially trying to inflict catholic patriarchal rule, what about offering a trade. the catholic shari'ah movement can dictate secular law right after they reach gender parity in the college of cardinals, the priesthood and bishopric. since there's only one pontiff at a time, alternating terms between female and male popes should be reasonable. though none of this divine right to lifelong rule. make it a six year term, to keep things fresh.

sunsin said...

Just ask him why he wants to drive the abortion rate up.

If he doesn't get the point, show him the comparative rates for Canada and the United States.

Conservative my ass. When you want to dump a successful policy for an unsuccessful one, you're not a conservative, you're an ideologue.

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