Friday, May 24, 2013

Harper's Parade of Perps with Perks - Part 4

Please welcome Senators David Tkachuk, Marjory LeBreton and Carolyn Stewart Olsen to the growing family scandal of Steve's Parade of Perps with Perks.  Click to enjoy.

While Steve is still going with the lone topgun chief of staff on the Duffy knoll with the chequebook story from his temporary hideout in South America, his perps at home are busy fucking that up for him. 

We were most relieved to hear from Senator Tkachuk that even though he was soliciting advice from the Prime Minister's Office on how to do his audit of Duffy, and Nigel Wright was calling him up wanting to know "When is this thing over with?", Senator Tkachuk assures us that "no one came to my room and told me what to do."

Well that's good to know but with Steve's former-press-secretary-now-Senator Carolyn Stewart Olsen spearheading the Duffy audit whitewash/rewrite in the steering committee for you, your own room was pretty well always safe, wasn't it? 

That whitewashed audit is now winging its way back to the same perps for further review and Steve's buddy, government leader in the senate Marjory LeBreton, has refused to open the hearings, complaining she lives in a town "populated by Liberal elitists and their lickspittle media” and is not getting enough credit for opening up the senate to Steve's scandal.

Excellent piece on this from Mound of Sound

Updated Perps with Perks and their bios.


Anonymous said...

Seeing Mr. Poutine in the background there behind LeBreton, Tkachuk, Wallin, and Stewart Olsen makes me wonder if Duffy knows where that body is buried. It just doesn't make sense to me that Harper would risk everything over a spot of double-dipping in the senate.

Beijing York said...

The Duffster was all puffed up, hinting that some day he would love to tell the whole story. Hmmmm, I'm with Anon and think there may very well be some link to the electoral fraud. Only high ranking Conservatives had access to CIMS database, like perhaps Mr. Nigel Wright. We know the late Senator Doug Finley was none too shy about manipulating election laws. What incredible rot.

Lorne said...

Excellent work as always, Alison, but I am a bit worried. Even though my laptop screen is over 17 inches, I don't know, with this ever-widening scandal, how much more my screen can take of these panoramic perp shots!

Anonymous said...

i think Harper is petrified "the old Duff" will spill his guts on everything he knows about Conservative "dirty tricks", and is more or less, blackmailing the Party to keep his job.

kootcoot said...

Perhaps the Puffster should have someone else start his car, or there could be pulled (pulverized) pork all over the Senate parking lot!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Arthur Porter, Harper's head of SIRC, arrested in Panama on charges of fraud against the Canadian government and money laundering.

Anonymous said...

Con majority on ethics committee force Duffy/Wright debate to go in camera.

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