Thursday, May 09, 2013

Justin Trudeau : Do the Math

Thursday May 16 international launch of 42 minute doc Do the Math: The Movie, 
"the story of the rising movement to change the terrifying math of the climate crisis and fight the fossil fuel industry."
In Vancouver it's showing at Langara and four other venues. To find one near you, look here.

Meanwhile Justin Trudeau tours western Canada giving pressers criticizing Harper for not doing enough to promote Keystone XL. I get the strategy. Don't give Steve anything to hit and eventually when Steve implodes, the oil industry will have a really popular hopey changey corporate guy in their pocket - a Canadian Obama for us. Someone who supports arbitrary arrest and detainment for three days without charge while being questioned and held without trial for a year if you don't co-operatebut who we will at least like better than we like Steve. Would that be better than having Steve? 
Makes it hard to take seriously the idea of anybody-but-Steve electoral co-operation.

Purple Library Guy said something interesting at Dawg's :
"I'd find the whole thing a bit easier to swallow if it were phrased a bit differently. Say you said "getting the left and centre-right to co-operate against the fascists". The moment someone says "getting the left to co-operate" when we're talking about Liberals, I conclude someone's trying to scam me."


Boris said...

The Prince of Wales today:

Yeah, that Commonwealth Conference will be awkward for the Canadians. Harper can't exactly label the perhaps soon-to-be King of Canada a terraist. I hope he keeps his colour should that day come.

Trudeau. He's there because the Grits are dynastarians at heart. His key redeeming feature is that he is so polished and tefloned that the regular Lannister shit simply doesn't stick. Even when the little Joffrey's actually hit him with a Brazeau, it failed like something from a movie. Dippers, now they've got half a taste of actually moving toward winning a federal election sold their mother for what they hope might be a few more votes. There are no other parties able to form a credible alternative. Game of Thrones indeed. Where's Daenerys and her dragons?

Holly Stick said...

I think Boris underestimates Harper, he is quite capable of smearing Prince Charles, but not to his face of course since Charles could probably verbally squish him like a bug.

Purple library guy said...

Well, thank you kindly Alison.

I like prince Chuck. Last time I saw a news bit about his environmental comments there were all these comments about "Who's he to talk when he lives in a palace and uses masses of energy yadda yadda". Well, fallacy to start with, but I did some googling.
Turns out he has this whole mass of web page all about the conservation measures at his main residence & associated farms and stuff. Holy crap, the guy has this totally cutting edge energy conservation and organic and reusing waste and who knows what all going. He's putting plenty money and effort into developing his place as an example of how to do things green.

Boris said...

PLG, I was actually introduced to him once. Struck me then as genuinely decent human being, and I've never seen anything of him to change that.

Holly, I'm not so sure. Harper can browbeat the GG because s/he is a political appointment and most Canadians don't understand things like 'reserve powers,' but the actual Sovereign is an ancient office, integral to the political and legal infrastructure of the country. It would be a Constitutional and legal mess as much as I think it would be a bizzare and high order diplomatic problem. I cannot imagine the outcome would be good if Harper crassly attacked the Queen or King the same way he does everyone else. It would get weird.

Alison said...

You're welcome,PLG. It is exactly what many of us have thought every election when the Libs implore the left to vote for them to keep the Cons out. Credit used up now.

Charles' Home Farm has been organic since 1986 when many thought it was peculiar.
Charles' 2012 Sundance film Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World

Charles and Robert Redford

Alison said...

Ok, Boris, storytime! How did you come to meet the Prince?

Where's Daenerys and her dragons?
Last seen wandering lost and alone in the desert having lost both her kingdom and control of her now-grown dragons and about to be captured by rogue Dothraki.
I was pinning my hopes on Arya but she's become a shadow cult assassin.
Winter is apparently always coming.

Holly : I dunno. I think all this new royal renaming Steve's been doing have boxed him in here and are going to petard his little hoist.

Boris said...

Story for beer, that one.

Arya is a sad story...saw too much at far too young an age. Jaded, angry. Mixed up with the wrong sort.

Daenerys or Tyrion, both perhaps, would be ideal. We have neither, just Joffreys and Littlefingers, with a Stannis or two sprinkled about. The good ones mostly tend to hold lesser positions and wander about looking for masters.

Holly Stick said...

It seems to me that last time Charles visited Canada he did not meet with much enthusiasm, and I forget now if it was mainly from the media or Canadians in general or if it was rightwingers who were especially critical. But [retty well everybody loved Will and Kate.

Purple library guy said...

Hmmm . . . climate change slogan:

"Summer is coming."

Alison said...

Summer is coming. That's very good.

Chuck and Di - everyone loved Di.

Daenerys or Tyrion would be ideal; what we got instead was Malcolm Tucker.

Beijing York said...

I loved "In the Loop" - nice reference Alison.

Summer is coming. And The Wall is moving.

Alison said...

Summer is coming and the wall is moving!
Oh, BY, that's brilliant.
And the bastard insurance agencies say houses not covered for ice damage.

Loved In The Loop. Even better though imo was the tv series it came from - "The Thick of It".

Anonymous said...

The Best of Malcolm Tucker

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