Thursday, June 20, 2013

Steve and Barry have a little chat

Really excellent background from The Tyee on the outing of the numpty non-issue of charity speaker gig fees that the Cons used to waste the last week of the House of Commons before summer recess.
Tyee Bonus : Spot the Lickspittle

And as Dammit Janet asks : Why did no other media outlet but that one tiny paper, the Barrie Advance, realize that the real story here was the PMO sending out partisan trumped-up *anonymous* leaks on the taxpayers' dime?


West End Bob said...
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West End Bob said...

Well it turns out his newspaper's owner supports the Harper Government™

Love the way Ms. Rupp of The Tyee uses the same descriptive, legally correct terminology for stevie's cabal as you, Alison . . . .

Anonymous said...

Where is the Congressional Gold Medal or Silver Star for Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning?

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